Is Crossfit a Good Exercise for the HCG Diet

As you know, I often get questions regarding HCG 2.0 from dieters that purchase my book off Amazon or other retailers. I like to address the questions in my HCG diet blog so others can learn from them as well. Ryan emailed me with the question below in regard to crossfit exercise on his HCG diet. Today I’ll answer the question in red and get to the remaining HCG diet questions over the next couple of days.

Should Ryan Continue His Crossfit Exercise on HCG 2.0?

Ryan’s first questions is should he continue his regular crossfit workouts while on the low calorie phase of his HCG Diet? If you’re familiar with the traditional HCG diet, you’re aware that Dr. Simeons, in his manuscript, Pounds and Inches; A New Approach to Obesity, does NOT suggest any sort of exercise while on the VLCD phase of the HCG diet. In fact, a majority of Dr. Simeons patients were treated on an in-patient basis. As a result, they were removed from the stress of every-day life that can necessitate large amounts of calories. This is essentially what inspired me to write HCG 2.0 – A Modern Adaptation of the Traditional HCG Diet.

A 500 calorie diet of equal ratios of carbs, protein and fats is 1.) Not realistic for the average working adult. And 2.) Not conducive to optimal weight loss as it allows for too many carbs to maintain ketosis. By replacing the carbs with lean protein, as indicated by your BMR, HCG 2.0 is a smarter alternative to the traditional HCG diet and entirely suitable for the average working adult.

Now, to answer Ryan’s question, I typically instruct my patients to continue whatever exercise routine they were doing prior to beginning their HCG diet. If you experience any symptoms typical of low blood sugar, such as dizziness or a feeling of general weakness, take a break and drink some water. If the symptoms go away, continue your workout. If not, you may have to take the day off. However, it’s rare that a patient is unable to continue their workouts while on HCG 2.0. The additional protein that is allowed, and the ketone calories that are supplied by the HCG, is normally all that is needed.

Dr. Zach LaBoube

If you’re not accustomed to working out, I don’t suggest beginning an exercise routine outside of 30-60 minutes of walking. While you’re the low calorie phase of your HCG diet and if you’re not accustomed to working out, it’s not a great time to begin an exercise routine. Especially in the early stages of the diet.

If you’d like more information on the importance of walking to facilitate weight loss and overall health, CLICK HERE.

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