InsideOut Wellness Welcomes New HCG Weight Loss Center in Kapolei, Hawaii

Are you searching for an HCG diet practitioner in Kapolei, Hawaii?

For the last diet you’ll ever need, look no further than the newest InsideOut Wellness  HCG Weight Loss Center. Welcome to InsideOut’s newest affiliate, Sanoi Peahu!  Sanoi struggled for years with fluctuating weight and yo-yo dieting until she found the HCG diet. Her own personal success with the HCG diet protocol has inspired her to share her diet  success with others.

The HCG diet uses HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatropin), a hormone produced by the placenta of pregnant women. The only purpose of the HCG hormone is to provide a constant calorie source for the baby’s nutrition. In the absence of a pregnancy, the HCG hormone can be a supplement which allows the dieter to sustain themselves on their own stored fat. In combination with a low calorie diet consisting of primarily protein, weight is shed very rapidly. Women typically lose a half to a pound per day on the HCG diet while men often lose up to two pounds per day on the HCG diet protocol from InsideOut Wellness and Weight Loss.

To contact Sanoi and to schedule your free HCG diet consultation, call 808-469-2312. You canCLICK HERE to schedule online.

Sheri lost 65 pounds on The HCG Diet

Lesly lost 45 pounds on the HCG diet

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