If Homeopathic HCG Drops Work, Why Offer Prescription HCG Injections

HCG 2.0 has quickly become the industry standard for rapid weight loss, but which product is better for me – prescription HCG injections or homeopathic HCG drops? 

I’ve been retailing HCG diet drops online since 2013, but there was a time when I only retailed prescription HCG products in the form of both HCG injections and sublingual HCG pellots. I worked with an MD who acted as my medical director while I handled patient education in regard to the original HCG diet.

HCG 2.0 didn’t happen over night. At first I was scared to diverge from the original protocol because I didn’t want to sacrifice my patients success, but tweak by tweak and little by little, HCG 2.0 was born. It was actually by the suggestion of a patient that I published it. It was merely a protocol at the time, but with a couple months worth of research it became HCG 2.0 – A Modern Adaptation of the Original HCG Diet.

This isn’t entirely relevant to the blog, but while I was working strictly with prescription HCG, I was beginning to lose more and more patients because the HCG drops were in such high demand. Daily, I would see patients in our office that ONLY wanted HCG drops. They had friend or family member that had success with them and they refused to try anything else, despite my efforts to explain the benefits of the prescription HCG.

What is the difference between Prescription HCG and Homeopathic HCG Drops?

So what is the difference between prescription HCG and the homeopathic HCG drops? For one, the prescription product is a more concentrated form of HCG. Does that make it better? You would assume so, but the results are quite similar. In my experience, the weight loss is about equal. Some do better with the drops while others do better with HCG injections.

However, and I can’t say this for fact, but it’s been reported by Dr. Emma, an MD out of Chicago that documents her patients results quite carefully, that the prescription HCG product is better at tapping into stored fat while maintaining muscle mass.

What does that mean? It means that more of the weight that you lose comes from your unwanted fat rather than from muscle tissue. This is ideal weigh loss – maintain muscle mass while strictly losing from stored fat.

I did my best to explain this to my patients, but many refused to listen and pay the additional money for the prescription product. Exhausted, I began to do some research. I was referred to an FDA approved homeopathic provider out of Arizona who guaranteed me that his HCG drops would get the same or better results than the prescription product I was using. I decided to give him a try.

I began offering the drops to patients that requested them. To my surprise, their results were quite similar to the prescription HCG patients. Despite what I had had previously thought about the drops, you can’t argue with results.Eventually my medical director and I parted ways and I began exclusively offering the homeopathic HCG drops.

If homeopathic HCG drops work, why offer the prescription HCG?

For a couple reasons. First, there are circumstances when a more concentrated HCG product is better. You can read more about that on the product page here. If you’ve lost a lot of weight on my HCG drops and are struggling with the last 10-15 pounds, which is NOT uncommon, you might want to consider the prescription HCG. There are other reasons HCG injections might be better for you, so check out the product page before making your decision.

Second, I often hear of people in my private Facebook Group purchase HCG shots online that are from an off-shore provider. Many assume these come from Canada, but that is far from the truth. They often come from an island in the Caribbean or commonly India. This is obviously dangerous making a safe alternative an absolute necessity.

And third, I met Nu Image Medical. They specialize in bio-identical hormone therapy and telemedicine. They have  pharmacy relationships nationwide allowing them to ship to all 50 states. By scheduling an appointment on they’re website, you receive a call from one of their practitioners. If everything check out with your health history, your HCG injections are shipped to your door in 5-8 business days… along with a copy of my book. Nu Image is a big believer in HCG 2.0.

Simple, right? No waiting rooms or trips to the pharmacy.

Another reason I’ve partnered with Nu Image Medical is because they’re affordable. There are many telemedicine docs charging $500-$1000 for a 40 day HCG prescription. You don’t have to pay that much. Nu Image Medical’s rates are the most reasonable I’ve seen anywhere.

The last word…

If I can offer you any advice, don’t put yourself in a position where you’ll second guess yourself. If the prescription HCG product offered by Nu Image Medical will give you piece of mind, if it will allow you to sleep at night knowing you have the best HCG product on the market, then by all means, go for it. Schedule the consultation online today.

This certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t have success with the HCG drops from InsideOut Wellness? Thousand have. If you’re like them, you will too. However, this is YOUR diet and YOUR body. If spending a bit more will provide you with the confidence and motivation you need to reach your weight loss goals, then don’t think twice.

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