How To Bio-Hack Your Body for Sustained Ketosis With Exogenous Ketones

You’ve heard the phrase work smart, not hard. Given the advancing state of technology today, never has this been more true. So why not apply the same philosophy to weight loss? Rather than diet hard, diet smart… and lose!

Sustaining Ketosis and Consistent Weight Loss Throughout Your 40-Day HCG 2.0 Diet

Until recently, it’s been assumed that the only way to achieve optimal and sustained ketosis, the Shangri La state of rapid weight loss, was to drastically limit carb intake. Even with the assistance of HCG, this process could take up to a week of ultra low-carb dieting and is associated with hunger, lethargy and sometimes depression. But once achieved, you’re in the weight loss sweet spot and the pound-shedding, fat-burning fire has been lit.

During optimal ketosis, your body begins to burn your own stored fat as an energy source rather than blood glucose. However, the human body is quite determined to store away fat for primitive survival reasons, like famine and long winters. When a woman becomes pregnant this physiology get’s flipped upside down because the growing baby needs a 24/7 calorie source. This is why we compliment your low calorie diet with HCG. It essentially provides the same effect.

However, it’s not easy to fool the human body. It’s much smarter than you think. In the holistic world of medicine, we call this innate intelligence. As a result of this intelligence, we can temporarily pull a fast one on our bodies with HCG, but your body isn’t just going to sit idly by and let you get away it. After 20-25 days on the diet, your body will re-adjust its ketosis point to maintain some of its fat deposits. This leads to a slowing down of your weight loss. This can be really frustrating for some. It’s like running into construction on your way to a family vacay at the beach. You’re making great time for the first 4 hours and them BOOM, you’re at a stall.

A Bio-Hack That Will Zap You Right Back Into Optimal Ketosis In Only 48 Hours

There have been whispers in our private HCG 2.0 support group on Facebook about exogenous ketones. What are exogenous ketones, you ask? To summarize, an exogenous ketone is a flip-switch that produces a feed-forward cascade that results in a prolonged state of ketosis. Most of our biochemistry is made of limiting reactions. When too much of something is produced, it is limited by something else. For example, too much glucose in our blood stream is limited by insulin.

A feed-forward reaction is the opposite. An example of this is the birthing process. When oxytocin is detected in the blood stream greater than it’s normal levels, it’s not limited, but rather increased. High oxytocin levels are what lead to the contractions necessary for childbirth.

An exogenous ketone does the same thing in regard to ketosis. When your liver detects an exogenous ketone, rather than limiting it, it actually begins to produce more. This is what leads to a sustained and prolonged state of ketosis.

Exogenous Ketones Are NOT a Miracle Pill

I wish I could tell you that by merely adding exogenous ketones to your diet, you’ll lose weight without and dietary changes, but I cannot. However, like HCG 2.0, an exogenous ketone diet is more of a calorie replacement diet rather than a calorie reduction diet. Replace the high-carb, low-nutritional junk with healthy fats and protein and that’s about it.

Sound too good to be true? It does, but that’s why it’s called a bio-hack. You’re hacking the system.

How to Incorporate Exogenous Ketones Into Your HCG 2.0 Protocol

  1. Begin the HCG 2.0 protocol with your HCG supplement just as it says to do in my book, HCG 2.0 – A Modern Adaptation of the HCG Diet.

  2. Order the Keto OS supplement – Start with the 15 day. Both the orange and the Chocolate are quite good.

  3. When you feel your weight loss begin to slow, likely between days 20-25, take the Keto OS supplement for 3-5 consecutive days. If you continue to maintain a carb level of below 30 grams per day, you’ll be right back into an optimal level of ketosis within 48 hours.

  4. Read my blog about coconut oil Vs. MCT oil. These fats act to fuel ketosis in the same way that the exogenous ketones do. This is why it’s ok to have a tablespoon of MCT oil with your meals.

  5. Complete your 2.0 protocol and transition back into maintenance just as you would regularly with HCG 2.0.

Why Can’t I Continue Using Exogenous Ketones for 60 or 90 or 365 days?

You can. There is nothing harmful about it. The primary ketone in the Keto OS supplement called Betahydroxy Butrate (BHB) is produced naturally by the liver in advanced states of ketosis (remember the feed-forward process). A ketone is a cleaner burning fuel source for the body. You’ll be better energized, have more clarity of thought and many even report feeling happier. I can confirm this, because I’ve been using Keto OS since Jan. 2 and I feel great. I don’t take it every day, because I keep a low-carb diet, but if I have a sloppy day, like we all do, I’ll take it for two to three days and be right back into ketosis. I’m also alternating MCT oil and Coconut oil throughout the day. Again, all of these, including the exogenous ketones fuel ketosis.

So why can’t YOU stay on the ketones forever? Because your goal is weight loss. LIke the HCG diet, it’s best to wait 3-4 weeks in between rounds to let your body acclimate to it’s lower weight in multiple intervals. Not only will this provide you with the dramatic weight loss in the early stages of your next round, but it will also work to help your body acclimate your lower weight. Remember, your body will be determined to replenish it’s dwindling fat deposits. In a nutshell, it makes sustaining your weight loss easier.


This is a legit bio-hack. There aren’t many of them, so take advantage. Once you reach your goal weight, then you can consider making exogenous ketones part of your normal routine like I do. But that’s for another blog. Best of luck!

By the way, I tried to bring my own BHB, exogenous ketone product to market, but simply put, I can’t do it as well as Keto OS. I’m certain you’ll love it as I do.

Dr. Z

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