How Long To Stay on the HCG Diet Protocol? Is there a Minimum?

This is a question I get quite frequently. It pertains both to the original HCG diet protocol of Dr. Simeons as well as my HCG 2.0 protocol. See Mauri’s exact questions below…

Is there a minimum number of days on a round of HCG?

First, the weight loss that Mauri and his wife are experiencing is fairly typical of HCG 2.0. I actually would have expected Mauri to be losing more as men generally lose faster than women. The mild hunger sounds about right as well. If there is hunger on the HCG 2.0 protocol, it will be during days 5-7. The reason being, the excess calories consumed during the loading phase will be depleted and it can take the HCG 5-7 days to realistically begin to tap into your fat reserves. Ketosis doesn’t happen over night. It takes time.

Now, to answer Mauri’s first questions, according to Dr. Simeons, he recommends a minimum round of 23 days for his HCG protocol. Where he came up with that number, I don’t know. In fact, I’ve done quite a bit of research on Dr. Simeons and there are a lot of things that were left unexplained, nor could I come up with any physiological reasoning behind some of his recommendations for the diet. Don’t get me wrong, I think his theories on obesity are still very progressive, even by today’s standards, but some of his practices I just don’t get. You also have to keep in mind that his diet was entirely anecdotal, meaning it was case by case and there was a lot of trial and error. I’m assuming that’s why he came up with the 23 day minimum.

The interesting thing here is that, from my experience, 23 days is a pretty good number. As I said, I’m not sure why Dr. Simeons settled on this number, but from my perspective it’s all about efficiency. At 23 days, you’re getting the very most out of the HCG in a single stretch. After the three week point, results may start to diminish because you begin to acclimate to the hormone rendering it less effective. As a result, I think it’s better to do multiple shorter rounds of the diet rather than fewer extended rounds of the diet. That way you get to experience the exaggerated weight loss more frequently which not only makes you happy when you get on the scale, but provides the motivation you need to keep going.

This is also a good segue into Mauri’s next question – Do I believe that your hypothalamus can be reset with HCG? In other words, what he’s asking is “will I keep the weight off?” Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog and I’ll have the answer. It’s a bit more complex than what I have time for tonight.

If you have questions about HCG 2.0 or the traditional HCG diet, a great place to post them is to our private HCG 2.0 support group. It’s a nice little community. Everyone is very forthcoming about sharing their experiences and what seems to work for them. I try to “weigh in” with my comments and suggestions at least on a weekly basis. Best of luck in reaching your weight loss goals.

Dr. Zach

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