How long can I stay on the HCG 2.0 Diet?

That’s a great  question, and is answered in the email response below from one of our providers to a patient. The question is in regard to the typical amount of weight that should be lost in the early stages of the HCG diet, but our practitioner touches on the questions above as well. hcg 2.0

The primary reason that it’s recommended that a dieter stay on the HCG diet form only 30-40 days is because you begin to develop a tolerance for the HCG hormone over time, rendering it less and less effective the longer  you’re on it. This is common to all hormone therapy and medicine in general. Rather than increasing your dosage of the HCG hormone, we limit you to just 30-40 days. If you haven’t lost all your desired weight at the end of the 30-40 day cycle or round of the HCG diet, you can start again after being off the HCG diet for approximately the same time your were on the HCG diet. This gives the body plenty of time to clear the HCG hormone so that when you start again, you’ll experience the same exaggerated weight loss that you did when you first began the HCG diet. HCG immunity and hcg tolerance. 

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Email Response to Patient 10-16-12

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