How Juice Plus Can Assist You in Your HCG Diet Weight Loss

Dr. Katz of Yale Med. School

Juice Plus isn’t a weight loss miracle pill in the television infomercial sense of the word, but it can certainly remedy a skewed satiety response, which  indirectly leads to weight loss. I say indirectly because Juice Plus isn’t going to burn fat and make you skinnier, but by providing you with the proper nutrition that is absent in most of our diets, it will eliminate your food cravings causing you to get full faster and eat less. Juice plus for the HCG diet

The human body craves nutrition as much as it does fuel. The Standard American Diet, appropriately accronym’d SAD provides all of the necessary fuel, but it is completely void of proper nutrition, especially the phytonutrients that we need. Phytonutrition is plant based nutrition – these are the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants present in fruits and vegetables. If we’re deprived of these basic necessities, as most of us are as a result of our SAD diets, we’ll continue to crave them and eat and over-eat. The obvious problem is that we’re eating the wrong stuff. The continuous supply of fuel in the form of sugar and carbs found in the SAD diet gets stored as fat resulting in obesity, but yet we’re paradoxically malnourished at the same time. It’s not the obesity alone that leads to chronic disease such as cancer and diabetes, it’s a combination of obesity and a lack of basic nutrition found only in fruits and vegetables. juice plus with HCG diet

Quickly ask yourself, are the poor foods you eat your foods of choice, or your foods of convenience? If you’re like most, we don’t make the time to eat healthy and as a result get stuck grabbing lunch from a fast good restaurant, or worse, a gas station. How often are your children grabbing pre-packaged junk food as they’re hustling out the door for school. Too often! As Dr. Katz says in the video to the right, it’s the sensibility of Juice Plus that makes it so desirable. If we’re not going to MAKE the time to shop the perimeters for fresh foods and prepare them properly, we need an alternative. This alternative is fruits and vegetables in capsule form. Juice Plus bridges the gap between reality and ideal health and will make your HCG 2.0 protocol much more tolerable.

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