How Can Assist You in Your HCG Diet?

This screen shot was sent to me via Facebook from Jenifer. She had questions in regard to the P/FC number used in HCG 2.0. To view her question and my response, CLICK HERE.

I’ve discussed the expanded protein options available in HCG 2.0 and this screen shot is a great example. By choosing leaner protein options, in this case egg whites, Alaskan Cod, and Argentinean Shrimp, you can significantly increase your portion sizes. Dr. Simeons traditional  Pounds and Inches HCG diet does not take this into consideration as it measures its food items in grams as opposed to calories. This obviously doesn’t make much sense as their are three times as many calories in a sirloin cut of beef as there are in white fish. As a result, Jenifer can have a whole 10 0z piece of white fish as opposed to just 3.5 oz sirloin beef steak. With HCG 2.0 the choice is yours. Bison is also another good alternative to beef as it has half the calories as its beef counterpart. Bison is a excellent beef substitute for the HCG diet. Good luck!

Thanks for the screen shot Jenifer.   Dr. Z

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