High Protein and Low Carb: Is the Atkins Diet for You?

Looking for more rapid weight loss? Try supplementing your Atkins Diet with HCG

Supplement your Atkins Diet with HCG

If you are looking for a diet that allows you to continue eating fatty foods, but are willing to cut out most carbohydrates from your diet, the Atkins diet might be for you.  Say goodbye to potatoes, bread, pasta and hello to a low-carb regimen. 

Think of your body as a train.  Carbs are the coals that give the train the ability to go.  If you cutout carbs, you have to find an alternative “fuel” to give the train energy.  This alternative fuel is stored as fat.  The idea is that if you deprive yourself of carbohydrates, your body will turn to its natural resource of stored fat to continue running.

Instead of starch and carb-filled foods, you will get a bulk of your nutrients from protein such as chicken, red meat, eggs and fish.  Click here for an example of a daily menu for an Atkins dieter.  Follow this diet and you will see quick weight loss results!

If you find you have been following the Atkins diet for a few weeks and your rapid weight loss starts to slow – don’t worry!  HCG is a proven supplement that – when paired with a very low calorie diet – can help you reach your ultimate weight loss goals.

What is HCG? If  you are  unfamiliar with the HCG dietHCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatropin), is a hormone produced during pregnancy. The  purpose of the HCG hormone is to rally the metabolism of systemic fat. Typically, as a species, the  body is pre-disposed to retain calories in the form of fat reserves as a survival mechanism for long winters or famine; conditions that infrequently exist in this day and age. This is why dieting is such an uphill struggle; not only are we battling our own poor eating habits, but a genetic predisposition to retain fat. HCG is the solution. When a women becomes pregnant, the growing fetus requires a 24/7 calorie source. In response, the placenta of the pregnant mother begins to produce HCG, which “unlocks” her stored fat to provide the calories necessary for proper development of her unborn child. If the HCG hormone is supplemented, in the absence of a pregnancy, the dieter can sustain themselves on their own stored fat, resulting in rapid, but healthy weight loss. CLICK HERE to learn more about the physiology of HCG.

Dr. Zach LaBoube, InsideOut Wellness HCG Diet Practitioner

If you need an extra advantage when it comes to dropping those last few pounds, the practitioners of InisdeOut Wellness and HCG Weight Loss can help. Contact us for more information on using HCG to achieve permanent weight loss once and for all!

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