Help Chelyce! And yourself with the best diet of 2016!

There aren’t many disadvantages to losing 58 pounds, but Cheylece has found one. Or better said, lost one.

In the process of losing 13 pounds in 20 days and a total 58 pounds altogether, her engagement ring slipped right off of her finger. Lost 🙁

It’s a bit curious though, don’t you think? A girl loses almost 60 pounds, she’s looking all hot and sexy, then suddenly, and quite mysteriously, she loses her engagement ring. It’s a bit suspect right?

I’m obviously joking and trying to make light of an unfortunate “by-product” of losing a lot of weight. If you do it correctly, as Chelyce has done, you need to get new stuff. Typically it’s smaller jeans and tank tops, but in Chelyce’s case, it’s a new engagement ring.

Now, if you know me, you’ve likely heard me say, “you gotta take the bad with the good.” For some reason it’s become a favorite of mine, probably because it’s so often true. And it’s certainly true in regard to dramatic weight loss, but not when it comes to something sentimental like an engagement ring. It’s one thing to be “forced” to go jean shopping with your girlfriends because you need something to accentuate your new figure, but it’s another to replace a treasured artifact of your courtship and marriage. That’s not fair.

I actually remember when Chelyce joined our private Facebook group several months ago. We had some one-on-one strategy talk via Facebook prior to her beginning her first round of the diet, so I’m especially proud of her success. And since I’m such a romantic, I’d like to help her out. So here is what I will do…

The first ever weight loss vows

Dr. Z – “I, Dr. Zach, promise to give $20 of each sale made using the coupon code NewRing4C to Cheylce and her supportive fiance so that they my have a bit of assistance and piece of mind when purchasing a new engagement ring.”

In return, here is what you will do…

You – “I, state your name, promise that I will not waste another second in postponing my weight loss goals. I will use the coupon code NewRing4C and be inspired by her success. I will wake up everyday with motivation and determination and with utmost certainty, I WILL SUCCEED. If Chelyce can do it, so can I.”

Second, it just dawned on me that the above aforementioned may be the only vows I ever write.

Third, this is a win/win/win for all involved. Chelyce get’s a new ring, I get to help her out and you get to lose 20-30 pounds in 30-40 days with the #1 diet of 2016 ranked by Consumer Affairs.

That’s right, according to Consumer Affairs and the reviews they’ve received, HCG 2.0 is the best diet of 2016. The BEST diet of 2016!!! It’s proven! It works! And it WILL work for you… but only if you take the first step.

The journey of a lifetime begins with a single… CLICK!

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