HCG Success Story: “Within 8 weeks I had lost 28lbs”

“I didn’t set out to lose weight, within 8 weeks I had lost 28lbs. I was amazed”!

Rob with Family

I’ve never been one to boast about my achievements, but what I’m about to tell you is quite remarkable, If I do say so myself.

About 4 years ago my philosophy of life was a little different. I ate and drank what I liked, when I liked and as much as I liked. I’ve always had a passion for cooking (well eating really) and indulged in my hobby every evening.

I was unfit, pretty unhealthy and about 30lbs over weight. Now before you start shouting at your computer screen, I realize that 30lbs isn’t a big deal to most people that have a weight issue, but it did bother me. I mean, Its one thing to be short and bald, but to add chubby to the sentence, was too much to bare. But like so many overweight people out there, although it bothered me, It didn’t concern me enough to get up off my ass and do something about it. Until, one of the worst days of my life…

One summers afternoon I was making my long journey home from work. I turned my phone on to ring my wife and several text messages came though all at once. I soon became aware that everyone had been trying to reach me for hours. One of my best friends had passed away during the night.

I was in total shock. I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. I’m sure, as you read this, you can relate to that numb, empty confusion I was feeling, if you’ve ever lost someone close to you. I had to pull over and get out of the car.

I returned back to work a few days later, and began to try to make sense of what had happened. I needed something to focus on. Something to move me forward.

Then I had an idea. I turned to a colleague next to me and said “I’m gonna run ten miles on my friend’s birthday”. Well, he looked at me as if I had a frog on my head. He then laughed and uttered the words “Yeah right, ten miles…” Hey, who could blame him. I was overweight, visibly unfit and couldn’t even run a bath.

I also had two major obstacles in my way that could potentially stop me in my tracks before I even got started. For one, I’ve always had quite bad asthma, which I would normally control with a steroid pump. But to run ten miles was completely uncharted territory.

The second issue was possibly as worrying as the asthma. Through years of standing around in work all day, I suffered from aching feet. How could I run ten miles with feet that I could barely walk on by the end of the day.

With these obstacles aside, I quickly got the ball rolling. I contacted the British Brain Injury Charity, told all my friend’s family my intention and began searching through running websites and fitness magazines for advice.

Also I realized that I had to make BIG changes to my diet, as I didn’t read one article that mentioned pizza, burger or chips as recommended foods for your pre-run meal 🙂 But as someone that loves cooking (and eating even more), I wasn’t willing to give up the foods I loved, so I got to work creating healthy variations. I began designing quick and tasty dishes by using my knowledge of spices, fresh herbs and simple cooking techniques.

As far as training went, the first run was a very slow two miles, and I must say, it almost killed me. From there on, I run three times a week, extending my weekend run by a little each time. I also did quick core workouts on the days in between. It wasn’t long before I found myself running a comfortable five miles on a Sunday morning.

Suddenly, ten miles seemed possible after all. I managed to control my asthma with my usual medication, and although I occasionally found myself wheezing a little, overall, I think it started to improved.

A few weeks in, I also came to realize that my feet ached no more. Now, I can’t explain this, but for what ever reason, running healed the ache in both feet and I’ve been pain-free ever since.

As time passed, I grew fitter, stronger and my energy levels hit the roof. I felt more awake in the mornings and had plenty of fuel left in the tank at the end of the day. It struck me how odd it was that the more you exert yourself, the more energy you have to exert.

So, after around 8 weeks of training and eating right, I decided to weigh myself, just out of curiosity. I was so amazed. What the scales read made me shout a profanity out loud, which made my cat jump.

I had lost 28lbs in only 8 weeks and to be honest, I didn’t really train that hard. Not as hard as you may think. Certainly not as hard as those poor contestants on those hyped up weight loss reality TV shows.

Well, my friends birthday finally came, and I run ten miles comfortable. All his family turned up to watch, and afterwards, we all sat in the sunshine talking about him and what an amazing person he was.

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