HCG Recipe – Phase 2 Potato Leek & Chicken Soup

Yummy Yummy Lunch! SO happy with this HCG Recipe for phase 2! The radishes totally did the potato trick and flavor works perfectly with leek.

P2 Potato Leek and Chicken Soup

2 oz leeks

2 oz red radish quartered

4 oz chicken 1 C Approved or Homemade Chicken Stock 1/2-1C water 1 t garlic powder 1 t onion powder salt to taste

Slice up leek boil in half the stock and half cup water with spices

Remove leek once soft (I leave a few whole) and blend in bullet with a little liquid, set aside

Add remaining stock and water, add diced chicken and radish

Lightly boil until chicken is cooked through and radishes are soft (this is where you might need additional water, depends how broth you want it and if the chicken is covered while cooking)

Pour pureed leak into soup and serve.

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