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New HCG 2.0 Recipe Page

Low Carb Lasagna

I want to introduce our new page on our updated website. We are excited to update and expand our HCG 2.0 healthier, more user friendly diet.

We will be uploading many of our recipes, along with a whole new category of vegan options. We are now working on adding nutrition labels to all of our current recipes.

Nutrition labels will now allow options (for all the Facebook peeps) who have requested a menu based on various recipes that you can pick and choose from.

Facebook is great, but the files there can only be seen by a handful of people. Any new information about the diet, or new recipes will be placed on the website on our blog and recipe page. Make sure you sign up for our blog, so any new information or recipes will come to your inbox.

Kylene, Judi and I have worked hard these last few month on restructuring our plan based on sound nutrition and healthy weight loss. We are excited to share it with you over the coming weeks.

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