HCG Phase 2 Recipe: Grapefruit Ginger Stir Fry

Heres’ a great HCG Diet phase 2 recipe: Grapefruit Ginger Stir Fry – Loved this!

  1. Marinade for chicken: 3 slices fresh ginger 1/4 fresh grapefruit juice 1/2-1 packet stevia 1t garlic powder 1t onion powder salt & pep Mix in bowl add 4oz diced chicken, put in baggie and refrigerate, 1 hr.

  2. For stir fry: 4 oz marinated chicken 1/4 grapefruit 4 oz mixed veg I used, cabbage, onion, bok choy 2 T chicken broth or water or 1 of each 1 scallion chopped Couple slices jalapeño Cilantro

Get sauté pan nice and hot, add broth/water, add scallions and jalapeño, sauté until soft so the flavors infuse into the sauce. Add more water or broth as needed.

Add chicken with marinade including the ginger, once chicken is almost cooked through add chopped veggies stir fry over medium high heat, squeeze in 1/2 or more of the grapefruit a little sea salt, until veggies are al’ dente.

Top with fresh cilantro and remaining grapefruit. To enjoy more recipe join our Private Facebook Community here!

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