HCG Diet Testimonials – Kathi and Hubby Cruised Through on HCG 2.0

Post by Kathi Jenkins-Kelly.

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My husband and I are just completing a 5 week cycle, we’re both down 30lbs. 2.0 is so much more effective than the “traditional” program, I always felt like I was starving on that program and would give up after 2-3 weeks. We breezed through the last 5 weeks. Looking forward to another round late November!

Congratulations Kathi! It’s been my experience that the husband and wife teams have more success both on the HCG diet and keeping the weight off. This may be a poor choice of words, but they can feed off each other. As Deepak Chopra says, “Success happens when people work together. Failure tends to happen alone.”

This doesn’t mean you can’t have success doing the diet alone, but a little comradery never hurt anyone. If you don’t have a partner to do the diet with, you should join our private HCG 2.0 support page. It’s a great community and everyone is so forthcoming with strategies and tips for success.

If you haven’t noticed, the video at the bottom of the homepage is Kathi and her husband. They each have another round of the diet to do, so we traded the video for 2 bottles of the our HCG diet drops. If you’d like to make me a video discussing your experience on HCG 2.0, email it to DrZ@InsideOutWellness.net. I’d be happy to send you some product in exchange.

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