HCG Diet Success Story of Charlotte

I am Charlotte, 34 years old and my bulky weight has been an issue always. I always had to find plus size clothes and secretly wished for a fab body. In the meantime time I met my husband at a party and after we were married we had twins, one daughter and one son. I was already overweight and the birth of my twins added more and I decided that now if I don’t act I will soon be facing health issues.

Hence for the next three months I started to follow a strict diet and exercise routine that helped me to lose few pounds no doubt, but I was not happy with the results. I worked out day in and day out but this poor result frustrated me heavily.

I am on the verge of completing Round one and till now I have lost 30 pounds in just seven months without hard fasting and strict diet. Soon I will be on the second phase of the HCG Diet and I already feel so great and look stunning. Thank you dad, Dr. Zach and HCG 2. 0!!

HCG Diet Success Story of John I was always overweight and sometimes followed various diets but was never happy with the results. I carefully counted carbs I am consuming and tried to stay away from foods that are considered fatty, but the results were always disastrous. Instead I spent thousands of dollars on supplements and weight loss products with zero results. I was at our yearly family get-together when a family friend told me about HCG 2.0. I thought that it was some another diet where I would lose weight, only to gain back. But I was so wrong.

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