HCG Diet Shows Substantial Improvements in Cholesterol and HBA1C

The HCG Diet for Type II Diabetics

You already know that the HCG diet provides targeted weight loss. This allows you to maintain muscle mass while losing up to 2 lbs per day in stored fat.  Did you also know that the HCG diet can substantially improve blood chemistry as well.

HBA1C is a reflection of the amount of glucose in the blood and one of the key markers in diagnosing Type II Diabetes. Below is a look at a patient bordering Type II Diabetes with an HBA1C of 7.5%. This is over a whole percentage point above normal limits. After only one round of the HCG diet protocol, HBA1C is down to 5.5%, comfortably within normal limits. The HCG diet also provided improvements in plasma glucose in addition to losing 45lbs. It’s not uncommon that after just a single 30-40 day cycle of the HCG diet for Type II Diabetics blood chemistry to come back to within normal range.

HBA1C Before

HBA1C After

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