HCG Diet Reviews – HCG 2.0 Rocks!

Madonna330 says HCG 2.0 Rocks

Below is what Madonna had to say in her HCG diet review on Amazon.com.

I’ve done the HCG diet twice before and it’s never been easier. I wanted to use the prescription HCG injections that I used in my previous rounds, but Dr. Z talked me into trying his HCG diet drops and that I would get the same results as before. He said if I wasn’t happy with my results he’d credit the $109 I spent on the HCG diet drops to the HCG injections that cost 3 times as much. It’s a good thing crow isn’t part of the diet, because I’d be eating it. I released 13.4 lbs, 9.5 total inches and my body fat is down 3.1 percent in just two weeks. I have not been hungry, my weight has not stalled or have not had one headache which I did experience with the original HCG diet protocol. This new HCG plan rocks!

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