HCG Diet Reviews – Finally, a 21st Century HCG Diet Protocol

Finally, a 21st Century HCG Protocol

I can’t help but get excited when I get a good HCG diet review for my HCG 2.0 protocol on Amazon.com. The particular HCG diet review below is one of my favs. Blueeyedgirl74 obviously has a very good knowledge of the traditional HCG diet program first published by Dr. Simeon’s way back in 1954 in his manuscript Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity, as she referenced it several times. That tells me she’s an experienced shopper and veteran of the HCG protocol. As such, this review is extremely rewarding. I especially like the HCG pros and cons. See her review below. If the image is too small to read, scroll down to the bottom of the page. I copied and pasted it to the blog as well.  ~Dr. Zach

Below is the HCG diet review as it was copied and pasted from Amazon.

I have done the Simeon’s protocol in the past. I did lose weight but I will admit it was tough to follow the strict guidelines of the Traditional HCG Diet Protocol. I was so glad to have found this book! This is strictly a meat/veggie protocol. I started on Feb 24 & Im down 4.2lbs. Here are my Pros and Cons of the book

CONS: ~Some of his food items have been higher in Nutritional Data than Ive been eating. Therefore, I have added my foods to his list & printed it out. ~Carbs are NOT UNLIMITED. Most servings are 1c. unless noted. However, the Veggie calories are not to be included into your daily caloric allowance. You are ONLY allowed 30g of carbs per day, and thats FOR EVERYONE. ~No milk ~No fruits

PROS: ~You can eat BREAKFAST!! ~Alot more variety of meats & vegetables ~Mixing veggies is allowed ~An idealistis Calorie Limit depending on each individuals weight, height, age (not like the 500 as on Simeon’s) ~You can drink diet, zero calorie, carb free beverages instead of just being stuck with tea,water,coffee ~I have not been hungry at all & have been satisfied with the amts of food is allowed. I sometimes choose to eat 5 small meals instead of 3. ~lotions,makeups, deodorants, etc. are not an issue ~you can chew gum!! 😉 ~very easy to follow with good explanation. LOVE THIS BOOK!!

If you would like write a review of the HCG 2.0 diet protocol visit Amazon.com

Dr. Zach

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