HCG Diet Recipes – Super Fast Faux Pho – P2 Low Calorie Diet

One of my favorite very favorite HCG diet recipes! Pho!

HCG 2.0 Super Fast Faux Pho – P2 Recipe,

Ingredients of my most favorite dish in the world…

3.5oz Chicken cut into thin small strips 1.5 C FF Beef Broth 1/2 – 1 C Water 1T Braggs Aminos 1 inch slice ginger root 1 jalapeño (cut knife slits down sides) + a couple slices for garnish 1.5oz thin sliced onion 2.5oz Diakon Cut into noodle strips or use spiral peeler Few fresh basil leaves Couple dashes cayenne – I like mine spicy Lime

Add broth, water, braggs, ginger root, knife slit jalapeño, half of your onion, cayenne and chicken to pot over medium heat and simmer, turn heat to med low once chicken is done.

Add your Daikon, simmer about 5 min or until your liking.

Garnish with fresh basil, raw onion and lime juice and your Super Fast Faux Pho – P2 diet dish is ready to eat.

There is an extended version to this recipe… I will share once I figure out all the measurements. But this sure does the trick! Ask to join our Private Facebook Community here


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