HCG Diet Questions Relating to BMR

I love getting positive feedback from patients. If you have any question relating to your HCG 2.0 protocol, post them to our Facebook page linked here. 

Check out Chinita’s question relating to her BMR Calculation

Chinita – Good evening, today is my day 11 and have lost 10 pounds! Yeii – I was re-reding the HCG 2.0 book and I started thinking, should I re-calculate my BMR rate? when I started 10 days ago it was 586 – should I now recalculate to 573?

Dr. Zach – That’s great to hear. I’m glad you’re doing well. I get that question a lot. I usually recommend dieters recalculate their BMR at the end of their HCG protocol to determine maintenance calories, but if you want to be precises about it, like many do, then yes. Although the best advice I can give is to keep your carbs below 30g/day. If you do that, 13 protein calories won’t make much difference. How do you feel on the HCG diet? Have you been hungry? How much weight are you looking to lose in total? Dr. Z

Chinita – I like having the extra 86 calories – I’ve been loving this HCG 2.0 plan, I have not been hungry at all – and I like having the flexibility of incorporating the protein shakes – I want to loose another 10 during this round from 160 to 140 – but I will be happy with 15.

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