HCG Diet Questions: Are My Thyroid Issues Being Overlooked

Heather reached out to me on our Private HCG 2.0 support page last week and said that she was having unusual difficulty losing weight. She was extremely detailed with what she was currently eating, down to the very last calorie, so it was very apparent that it was a big concern to her. I asked her to email me so that we could communicate without the restrictions of the tiny text box provided by our beloved Facebook. Clairvoyant, she also attached her blood work, including her thyroid panel, saving me the step of asking. You can view it here.

Rather than paraphrase our entire conversation, I’ve copied and pasted it below. In summary, what is considered “normal limits” by the AMA and therefore the industry standard for treating thyroid conditions, isn’t normal for everyone. There is a difference between normal and ideal. What the AMA classifies as normal is actually ideal. It’s where your levels of Thyroid hormone SHOULD be in order to regulate your metabolism properly, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal for you.  Heather has every single symptom associated with a hypothyroid condition, but she is still within “normal’ limits so her doctor has not treated for a hypothyroid condition even though her symptoms indicate hypothyroid. Patients are individuals, not statistics, and they should be treated accordingly.

My email is in italics below, while Heather’s is quoted and indented…

Hi Heather. I’ve looked at your labs, and you’re at the low end of normal (below normal on T3) on all of your thyroid panels. What you have to keep in mind is that “normal limits” are not normal for everyone. The medical community doesn’t always acknowledge that. The AMA has a recommended protocol for treating every single condition in a very cookie cutter sort of way. Just because it’s normal for the majority, doesn’t mean its normal for everyone. Obvious factors are age, gender, height, weight, activity levels, etc. Research hypothryroidism and if you relate to the symptoms, then you have hypothyroidism. I’m not sure what to recommend for treatment, but let’s not put the cart in front of the horse. Lets just try to identify what’s causing you to struggle with your weight. Because it sounds like you’re doing everything else right. I posted the article below to the FB page as well. I’m assuming you’re not on any thryroid hormone now, right? Also research DHEA. It’s called the “mother hormone” because it can be converted into any hormone needed by the body. I would recommend a good DHEA supplement. I used to retail biogneisis, but there are several out there. Talk soon. 

Click here for link regarding low T3 Syndrome. 

Heather’s response…

I can’t thank you enough for trying to help me with this.  I have been struggling with thyroid issues for over 7 years. I have seen countless endo’s, holistic and integrative doctors. My main concern is an ABSOLUTE inability to lose weight and just gaining and gaining. I eat impeccably and have tried EVERYTHING. Low carb, low carb/high fat, high protein, low protein, low fat, high carb. Cut my calories drastically, to no avail. I have always been very fit and active but have had an extremely difficult time looking like it. My husband is a weight lifter and has been flabbergasted at my inability to lose fat and gain definition. Even though I can lift incredibly heavy amounts. I have other symptoms: low blood pressure, low body temp, hives, moodiness, headaches, etc. But the most concerning is the weight gain. I have been on Cytomel, Synthroid, Armour, WP, and now I am onThyroid S. I’m not sure where to go with this.  But I really appreciate your help.  If you happen to come across someone else who has a similar story and who found an answer, please keep me in mind!

If you’re having similar difficulty with your HCG diet, or any diet plan for that matter, get a Thyroid Panel. If you’re at the low end, but still considered normal, go over the list of symptoms that I have linked above. If a majority of them ring true to you, you’re likely to struggle with your HCG diet.

This one they finally address as a concern.

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