HCG Diet Questions and Information from Dr. Zach

1.     The HCG 2.0 diet combines the HCG supplement with a ketosis based diet. Limiting the carbs on the diet further maintains a more consistent level of ketosis throughout the 40-day low calorie protocol. The more the dieter can do to help the HCG by limiting carbs and maintaining ketosis, the more the HCG will help the dieter.

2.     As we’ve established, this is a ketosis based diet, so there are no starches. Starches can be re-introduced when after the 40 day HCG Diet protocol.

3.     The allowable protein on the HCG diet is adequate, but not excessive. The amount of protein allowed is dependent upon the dieter. A BMR calculation is used to determine the amount of protein allowed on the diet. Protein calories equal 40% of the dieters BMR. BMR (basal metabolic rate) is the amount of calorie one needs to maintain normal, at rest, body function.

4.     As a ketosis diet, there are no carbohydrates. Limiting carbs initiates a completely healthy metabolic process called ketosis which facilitates the conversion of stored fat into ketone bodies, which are converted by the liver into useable energy. Ketosis is the only way to tap into our unwanted fat stores. For more on ketosis, click here.

5.     The HCG 2.0 diet allows for plenty of vegetables and adequate protein, so all micronutrients are included. Carbs are a source of energy, but contain very little nutritional value. If you dissect the word carbohydrate, it’s the reverse of hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbons are the energy that powers are vehicles. Similarly, carbohydrates power the engines of our bodies. Also like our vehicles, when we consume carbohydrates in combination with the oxygen we breathe, energy is produced with CO2 as the by-product. Isn’t biochemistry fascinating??

6.     Of course. It’s a quick and effective way to shed unwanted fat while maintaining muscle mass. One might argue that it’s difficult to maintain the weight loss, and that might be true, but maintaining weight loss is actually a good problem to have. First, it shows that you’re capable of losing weight. Second, you’re operating at a lower weight, which means improvements in blood chemistry including cholesterols, glucose, HBA1C and lower blood pressure. It will take work and discipline, but maintaining the weight loss is entirely doable. My philosophy is get the weight off as quick as possible and then worry about keeping it off.

7.     Positive side effects include: Better rest.Improvements in blood chemistry including lowered cholesterols, blood pressure and HBa1C, which typically remains low following the diet. Higher energy levels without a nervous or edgy feeling. A general feeling of well-being.

Negative side effects may include: Headaches early in the protocol. This could be more of problem if you are accustomed to a high sugar diet and more likely a by-product of detoxing yourself than the HCG. This can be addressed with Aspirin. Leg cramping – Again, this is typically a more frequent problem if you were accustomed to a high sugar diet. A multi-vitamin or potassium supplement can help remedy this. Slight, temporary hair thinning, primarily in women. You may be more likely to experience this if you have a history of female pattern baldness of have lost hair following a pregnancy. A Biotin supplement can remedy this.

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