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I get so many questions posted to my HCG 2.0 Private Facebook group that I literally can’t keep up. Additionally, an HCG diet forum is a much better format to chronicle all of the questions, posts and comments in regard to my HCG 2.0 protocol so that they can be easily accessed by everyone. Believe it or not, there are a few that DON’T have Facebook.

If you’re new to HCG 2.0, the best piece of advice is to read the book. Not only does it provide you with a simpler diet protocol for maintaining an optimal state of ketosis throughout the low calorie phase of your HCG diet, but equally as important, it explains how to make your weight loss truly sustainable. However, the forum is a source for day to day support and advice from me and others who are also following the 2.0 protocol. Here are 5 reasons you should join the new HCG 2.0 forum NOW:

  1. Get HCG diet recipes! Keeping your meals interesting is a key factor in daily success. Options keep you from straying from the protocol, and on the forum fellow HCG 2.0 dieters will have an opportunity to share foods and meals that are ideal for maintaining ketosis. The more you do to help the HCG by limiting carbs, the more the HCG will help you.

  2. Ask questions about the HCG 2.0 protocol. I did my best to explain everything in the book, but if there is something I missed or something you missed, feel free to ask. The only bad question is the question you didn’t ask. However, you may also want to use the search feature in the upper right corner of my HCG diet blog here. I’ve written over 300 blogs relating to the HCG diet over the past 9 years so if it’s a question of yours, it’s likely someone else has already asked.

  3. Read and share your HCG success stories from around the world. If you are having a great day, share what you’re doing… you may just inspire someone else! If you’re having a less than great day, you can look to the forum for advice and encouragement.

  4. Connect with others that are on the same team as you. One of my fav’s, Deepak Chopra, says that success happens when people work together while failure often happens alone. Now, if you’ve read my book you’ve hear me say that there is no failure on HCG 2.0, only variations of success, but a little additional support certainly won’t hurt, right?

  5. Simple – Get 25% off your HCG diet drops by joining. I’m confident that my InsideOut Wellness HCG diet drops are the best HCG drops on the market. If you combine the best HCG drops with the best HCG protocol you’ll get the BEST results. All you have to do is join the forum, post your comment or question, then check your email for the coupon code. Don’t forget to check your spam folder because it occasionally filters in.

If you think of additional reasons to join the InsideOut Wellness HCG Diet Forum post them to the form and check your email for your coupon code. Best of luck!

To your success,

Dr. Zach (Author of

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