HCG Diet Detox – Is it necessary to detox before you begin your HCG protocol?

Do you know what detoxes your body? Your body. That’s why it isn’t necessary to do any sort of HCG diet detox before beginning your HCG diet protocol.

If you’re doing the right protocol, such as HCG 2.0, the detox is built in.

This is a question I frequently see on my HCG 2.0 private Facebook group. I believe that the reason it is asked so frequently is because there are many HCG providers that offer an HCG diet detox protocol as an upsell prior to beginning the HCG diet. It’s simply a way to generate a bit more revenue.

These recommended detox supplements might be of some benefit, but do you know what detoxes your body? Your body! Your liver to be more precise.

In fact, that’s a primary function of your liver. Your liver knows more about bio-chemistry than all of the bio-chem textbooks combined and it is the most efficient laboratory in the world for producing and catalyzing bio-chemical reactions. It can turn a fat into a carb, a carb into a fat and change alcohol into sugar, all while we sleep. Pretty cool, right?

If you haven’t read HCG 2.0, it’s all about clean eating or what is also referred to as a whole food diet. Sure, there is the loading phase, similar that of the original HCG diet protocol, which consists of two days of over-consuming on high fat foods in order to jump start the diet, but after that’s it’s veggies, lean protein and adequate fats.

What you need to avoid are the foods common to the Standard American Diet, appropriately accronym’d SAD. SAD foods are highly processed and are designed more for shelf life rather than your health. That means they’re full of preservatives to they can sit on store shelves for years at at time and it’s also why you’re so often told to only shop the perimeters. This is where you’ll find everything fresh.

One thing I will say is that if you’re accustomed to a high sugar diet, especially high-fructose corn syrup like that found in soda, you may struggle a bit in the early stages of your HCG protocol as you wean yourself off of these processed sugars. Headaches and achy joints are not uncommon in the first week to two weeks.

If this is a concern of yours, many of my dieters like to use a very simple detox called the Cali Kicker. It’s also used by some dieters when they experience a stall with their HCG protocol. It’s more common for women to experience stalls in their HCG program than men. However, many misinterpret water retention for a stall. If you’re using HCG 2.0, you’ll be in very optimal state of ketosis and stalls are unlikely. Even if you’re not seeing the pounds disappear from the scale, you’re still burning fat.

To summarize, I don’t believe that an HCG diet detox is not necessary prior to beginning your HCG protocol. Just jump right in and get started with loading and let your body take care of the rest.

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