HCG 2.0 – Weight Loss Achievers Challenge 2019

If you’re familiar with InsideOut Wellness and HCG 2.0, you’re aware that we put a tremendous amount of prestige on our customer service. We have great products, but we accompany them with even greater customer service and leadership. Especially within our private Facebook group that services over 17,000 members.

And if you’re aware of the pride we take in our customer service, you’re also aware that we do it with a team of only three, Judi, Kylene and myself. I suppose you could say 3.5 if you include my sister but she also works full-time as a nutritionist while raising my niece and nephew, which is no easy task. 

When Kylene and Judi presented me the idea of the 2019 Weight Loss Achievers Package and suggested that we limit the number of participants to 200, I thought it was a great idea. We can direct our focus and attention to those 200 individuals to ensure their success. My only concern was that it could be perceived that those not participating in the achievers group would be neglected.  However, that’s not the case, and here’s why…

The Student Becomes the Teacher

We have 1000s of weight loss achievers. Our private Facebook group is full of them. Daily, on the reg, we get posts from men and woman that have succeeded with HCG 2.0. But their success isn’t merely in losing the weight, the real success is in maintaining their weight loss. In fact, losing weight with HCG 2.0 is the easy part. The hard part is keeping it off and that’s the reason they remain part of the group.

You don’t truly learn something until it becomes part of your vocabulary. You might be able to read a magazine article about health or wellness and regurgitate some of the information to a friend at work, but does that mean you’re able to put it a routine? Unfortunately no. It takes practice and repetition. In order to make your weight loss truly sustainable it has to become a lifestyle.

Does that mean your weight isn’t allowed to fluctuate throughout the year? Of course not. Mine does. Kylene’s does. Judi’s does. But over years of practice and repetition we know how and WHEN to reel it in. And so do 1000s of members of our private Facebook group. They’re the true mentors. You may be the student now, but you’ll become the teacher.

To summarize, we did a weight loss challenge last year and learned a lot from it. One of the things we learned is that we need to limit the number of participants. But if you don’t get into THIS particular challenge, you can still succeed with HCG 2.0. There are plenty of mentors within our group. Additionally we’ve completely updated all of our patient education material here to make it entirely user friendly.

All of this being said, if you need some one-on-one attention, all you have to do is email me at DrZ@InsideOutWellness.net. I’ll give you whatever time I have.

What’s Included in the 2019 HCG 2.0 Weight Loss Achievers Package

  1. HCG Drops

  2. 30 Day HCG Patches

  3. Phyto Plus – This is my life’s work. It’s a must!

  4. Raspberry Ketones

  5. Biotin

  6. Book (HCG 2.0) – It’s the original HCG 2.0. It’s sold over 300,000 copies on Amazon with a 4.4 star rating. Read it.

  7. ECourse – Brand new updated HCG 2.0 protocol with all the additions since 2012 in one easy to understand online e-course

  8. Customized macros for your diet from Kylene

  9. Lifetime Membership to Exclusive Facebook Group with our Private Group

  10. Kylene, Judi and Zach will be admins

  11. This group will be limited to 200 people for this class.

  12. Organized Recipes and Meal Plans

  13. Daily sample menus

  14. Food Charts for those of you who want to eat off of a list

If you have questions about any of the items on the list above, see my blog titled Recommended Supplements for Ideal Health. Notice that once you lose the weight, the list get’s quite small.

Why HCG Drops AND HCG Patches?

For two reasons. Ideally, you can use the drops to supplement the patches late in the diet. The longer you expose yourself to HCG, the less effective it is. In the late stages of the diet, you can supplement .5ml per day to jump start your weight loss. Or, some people prefer the drops because they need to be taken daily. Some like to start their day with a dose of HCG drops as it reminds them of the task at hand.

And to Celebrate Your Success

To celebrate your success as a Weight Loss Achiever, we’ll give you $1 off your Maintenance Package PER every pound you lose. Lose 25 pounds, get $25 off of your Maintenance Package which included Sustain, Phyto Plus and Garcinia Cambogia.

The InsideOut Wellness Philosophy

You’ve heard the phrase, “Give a man a fish and they eat for a day. Teach a man (or woman) to fish and they eat for a lifetime.” That was my philosophy when I wrote HCG 2.0 and that’s the philosophy we all share at InsideOut Wellness. We’re not going to give you a fish and say good luck. We’re here to teach you how to build a healthy lifestyle. True health radiates from the InsideOut and that starts with what’s in your head and heart. If you’re looking for a leaflet or a menu to success, this may not be the place for you. We want participants that are focusing on real lifestyle change… that begins with weight loss.

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