HCG 2.0 Recipe – Zesty Zucchini Pasta

Zesty Zucchini Pasta – HCG 2.0 phase 2 or OP P3

1-2 zucchini’s depending on size about 1-1.5 C

Spiral your zucchini and let set Prep all veg

In bowl add lemon juice, zest, herbs, tomatoes, coconut oil and monk fruit, mix well set aside

Add 1 t or so of coconut oil to small fry pan over medium heat, add mushrooms and a little salt. Saute and add a touch of water over the course of cooking to help the mushrooms sweat. Once they are to desired doneness, add in zucchini, continue cooking and tossing until start to slightly brown then add tomato mixture, toss until well blended and heated through.

Voila’ That is all. Enjoy! To share your experience with us join our Private Facebook Community here!

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