HCG 2.0 – Keeping You in Ketosis (Part 3 of 7 part series)

When you lose 20-30 pounds in just 5 weeks, your life changes. Dramatically. For the better. You feel better… you look better…

…you’re even treated better. (Shallow but true.)

The average weight loss with one round of HCG 2.0 is 20-30 pounds. This means no matter who you are, no matter what your history is, no matter what your genetics are…

…you will most likely lose a life-changing amount of weight in just five weeks with HCG 2.0.

Awesome, right? But what is it about HCG 2.0 that makes it so effective?

HCG 2.0 is about getting your body into a state of ketosis, and keeping it there. Ketosis is when your body is using your stored fat as its primary energy source.

While you’re in ketosis, your body is converting fat into energy for you to use. In other words… your body is literally melting fat.

The low-calorie phase of the HCG 2.0 diet is meant to get you into ketosis, and keep you there. And unlike the original HCG diet, you’re not limited to just 500 calories a day.

Thanks to new discoveries in nutrition and food science (a field that didn’t even exist when the original HCG diet came out), HCG 2.0 can get you into ketosis without limiting you to just 500 calories.

The trick is to eat the right foods, in just the right amount. Enough so that you’re not hungry all the time…

…but you’re still in that fat melting state of ketosis. Because when your body is in ketosis, you lose fat just by being alive. And if we can keep you there for five weeks… you’ll melt 20-30 pounds of pure fat, no problem.

That’s why I believe, when done right, HCG 2.0 is the easiest way to lose a lot of weight quickly. In 5 weeks, you can be 20-30 pounds lighter.

Will that change your life for the better?

For the bulk of my patients who use this diet, the answer is a resounding “YES!”.

To learn more about ketosis, you can visit the blog of my good friend Micheal. It’s called Nutrition Advance and the particular blog I’d like to read is called The Ultimate Guide to Ketosis. I’ think you’ll find we share a lot of the same ideas on ketosis and how it can result in rapid weight loss., and

If you’re ready to get started and lose 20-30 pounds in just five weeks, click here.

Remember… Don’t starve. Eat Smart and lose.

Dr. Zach LaBoube

Author of “HCG 2.0”

P.S. In the next email, I’m going to share how one of my patients-Marci-lost 160 pounds on HCG 2.0. Oh yeah… she did it all with MS.

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