HCG 2.0 Has More Protein Options Than the Traditional HCG Diet

In case you’re comparing HCG 2.0 to the Traditional HCG diet…

The screen shot below was sent to me via Facebook this morning from Jenifer. She actually answered her own question before I had time to respond, but I wanted to elaborate anyway.  Her questions was…

Jenifer references PFC which is Protein/Carbs + Fat. This is a key component of HCG 2.0 and a significant contrast to the traditional HCG diet. The traditional HCG diet allows for 100 grams of protein per meal, not including breakfast. For breakfast you’re allowed coffee or tea with a twist of lemon. How fulfilling!!?  There are several problems here, the first being the fact the Dr. Simeons measured his protein options in grams rather than calories. This is not apples to apples, or rather, protein to protein. In a 100 (3.5 oz) grams of beef you may consume up to 300 calories, depending on how lean the cut. On the other hand, if you eat smart and choose white fish, Alaskan Cod, as illustrated by Jenifer in her screen shot of  her MyFitnessPal.com diet diary, she can eat an astonishing 10 oz. That’s a healthy portion of fish. Unfortunately this leaves her only 8 oz of red shrimp for dinner in addition to the egg and egg whites she had for breakfast. Being from land-locked St. Louis, this sounds more like a beach vacation than a diet.

Notice that Jenifer didn’t include any vegetables in her HCG 2.0 diet meal plan. There’s really no need because given her protein choices, she has 28 grams of carbs to spare in order to keep her total under 30 grams per day,  which is plenty sufficient to maintain optimal ketosis. She can eat 5 whole tomatoes and still be under 28 grams of carbs. Finally, after eggs for breakfast and 18 0z of seafood, she still has 134 calories too spare which enough for an appropriate before bed snack. If you’ve been told not to eat before bed, you should order a copy of HCG 2.0 to find out why a SMART evening snack is, in fact, good for you.

To summarize, this is what eating smart will do for you. It’s hardly a “diet” at all. I put the word diet in quotations because the word diet has wrongly assumed a short-term connotation when you’re diet is actually a lifestyle; nothing short-term about it. If you don’t like fish, you might want to reconsider. Taste is an acquired sense and if you don’t begin substituting at least 2-3 of your chicken, pork or beef meals per week with fish, maintaining a healthy weight is going to be a struggle. protein on hcg diet

Thanks for the question Jenifer.   Dr. Z

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