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Mrs. Love Nwigwe, CNHP,  Shares Her Philosophy with the Inside Out Wellness Commuity

Love Nwigwe, CNHP

I’m thrilled to welcome our newest HCG 2.0 diet retailer and Inside Out Wellness affiliate Mrs. Love Nwigwe. Not only is she our first Canadian affiliate, but she is also our first Italian Affiliate, having duel citizenship and a web presence in Italy as well. Mrs. Nwigwe is based out of Red Deer, Alberta CA, but she’ll also be serving the Calgary and Edmonton markets. Mrs. Nwigwe began her career as an Industrial Chemist, but her concern for her own health and consequently the health and well being of others inspired her to change directions and pursue a degree in Wellness Management. After completion of her Wellness Management program, she continued her education and in 2013 received her accreditation as a Certified Natural Health Professional (NCHP). She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Herbal Medicine. In addition to being an official retailer of HCG 2.0 and the Inside Out Wellness product line, Mrs. Nwigwe also does individual and corporate wellness consulting.  Mrs. Nwigwe’s philosophy on health coincides with that of Inside Out Wellness in that good health begins intrinsically and is reflected outward. To contact Mrs. Nwigwe, you can visit her landing page here.

Below, Mrs. Nwigwe shares her thoughts and philosophy on health and wellness. If you’d like to be a guest blogger email me at DrZ@InsideOutWellness.net. If you would like to become an Inside Out Wellness Affiliate, click here.

MY PHILOSOPHY ON GOOD HEALTH IS BASED ON (healthy life style through balanced diet and exercise)

Health has become a major issue this era and it has been proven that what we eat and do mainly determines our health status. The bible teaches us that God  blessed man with the abundance of every thing  but we need to know how to manage all  these so that we will prosper and be in good health. HCG Diet Red Dear Alberta

Over one-quarter of Canadians aged 31 to 50 get more than 35% of their total calories from fat, the threshold beyond which health risks increase. Seven out of 10 children aged four to eight, and half of adults, do not eat the recommended daily minimum of five servings of vegetables and fruit, Canadians of all ages get more than one-fifth of their calories from “other foods,” which are food and beverages that are not part of the four major groups. Source: www.statcan.gc.ca

There are different ways and many little steps that individuals need to take in order to achieve a healthy life style; however the key to obtaining this goal is to be found in a balanced diet to avoid malnutrition and exercise on daily basis.  On the contrary to what most of the population believes, malnutrition does not only affect developing countries but is also present in highly developed countries like North America were we are faced with a problem known as over-nutrition.  Which simply means excess of energy or nutrients leading to high risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Obesity affects a high percentage of the population in developed world, and is caused by excessively high body fat in proportion to lean body tissue. However, quite often individuals solely rely on weight as an indicator of healthiness or in our current society even as beauty. This belief  has led to malnutrition due to extreme dieting  behaviors adopted for the purpose of weight loss which results in eating disorders  such as anorexia nervosa which is an extreme dieting behavior very similar to  self-starvation, and Bulimia, a binge-purging behavior. HCG Diet Edmonton, HCG weight loss Calgary

These behaviors are increasing so much in our society and should not be ignored. Therefore attention is to be laid on the weight factor as well as other health indicators such as blood pressure and cholesterol, atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke, diabetes mellitus just to mention a few. Balanced diets, exercise and healthy lifestyle which do not consist of mostly sedentary habits, are the most efficient way of preventing the onset of all the silent killer diseases, life is good and can only be enjoyed when we are healthy. HCG Diet Calgary, HCG Weight Loss Edmonton

Let’s take a few baby steps of living a healthy life style through a balanced diet and a bit of exercise, starting from filling up our grocery cart with fresh fruits, nuts and veggies, try 30 minutes of regular exercise of your choice, it can be biking, brisk walking, swimming or dancing just do it, it helps reduce your stress level, builds up the body’s natural painkiller and loosen those tight muscles. Purchase HCG Diet in Canada

Love Omereonye

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