HCG 2.0 Diet Featured On Hawaii News Now

The post addresses why Thanksgiving is the ideal time to begin the HCG Diet. If you are not familiar with HCG weight loss, also know as the HCG diet, the first two days of beginning your HCG diet drops, it’s necessary that you overeat on fatty foods, the fattier the better. These are what’s known as loading days or gorge days, sometimes referred to as P1 or phase 1 of the HCG protocol. This may appear counter-productive, but in combination with the HCG drops, it kick starts the diet by metabolizing stored fat, which facilitates accellerated weight loss while also acting as an appetite suppressant.

To read the complete post about the HCG diet protocol on Hawaii News Now, click on the link below. To find an InsideOut Wellness and HCG Weight Loss HCG Diet Practitioner in Hawaii, click here.

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