Get The HCG 2.0 Mobile App to Accompany Your HCG Diet

It’s FINALLY Here!!

The HCG 2.0 Diet Mobile App has arrived. Now you can take your HCG diet protein charts and HCG 2.0 veggie charts with you to the grocery store and where ever you carry your phone. The HCG diet has never been easier with the HCG 2.0 Mobile App from InsideOut Wellness and Weight Loss. CLICK HERE to download your mobile app for iPhone. For Android users, CLICK HERE.

Features of the HCG 2.0 diet mobile app include:

  1. BMR Calculator – Use the BMR calculator to determine the precise amount of protein calories on the low calorie phase of your individualized HCG 2.0 diet.

  2. P/FC Calculator – Use this at the grocery store or restaurants to quickly calculate your protein options.

  3. Protein and Veggie Charts – Now you no longer have to take your copy of HCG 2.0 with you to the grocery store. You can simply access the  protein and veggie charts directly from you iPhone or Android.

  4. Rewards – Sign in to the InsideOut Wellness Rewards Program. This allows you to share your success with HCG 2.0 and earn ca$h while doing so. Simply apply for your affiliate link, post to Facebook and social media and every time your link is uses you’ll receive a ca$h reward.

  5. Direct Access to Online Store – The HCG 2.0 mobile app allows you to purchase products for both the low calorie phase (P2) and maintenance phase (P3) of your hcg diet.

  6. Content from HCG 2.0 – Highlights from HCG 2.0 in PDF accessible directly from your mobile app.

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