Get Linda Prinster’s 101 Worry-Free Recipes to Broaden Your Food Choices on the HCG Diet

Getting bored with your food choices while on the HCG diet can be a ‘recipe’ for disaster. The answer is 101 Worry-Free Recipes by Linda Prinster. Linda is the author of The HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide and one could argue that she is single-handedly responsible for the recent resurgence of the HCG diet protocol. We’ve included a sample menu item below…

Tasty Chicken Apple Salad 2 c. raw spinach or romaine lettuce c. chopped apple 100 grams chicken breast Vinaigrette, Lemon or Citrus Dressing (recipes in this book) Cook and chop chicken. Arrange spinach or lettuce on plate, sprinkle with chopped apple and chopped chicken. Spray or spoon on Vinaigrette, Lemon or Citrus Dressing. Servings: 1 protein, 1 vegetable, ½ fruit

Don’t let your lack of food choices ‘weigh you down’ and purchase your copy of 101 Worry-Free Recipes today. CLICK HERE to visit our online store. Bon Appetit!

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