FTC and Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill target diet scams like Sensa and LeanSpa

Sen. Clair McCaskill

Senator Claire McCaskill, along with the FTC  (Federal Trade Commission) are cracking down on phony diet scams. “Our message for consumers is, be very wary of pills, patches, powders that claim rapid and substantial weight loss without diet or exercise,” said Jessica Rich with the FTC. Senator McCaskill had this to add, “There are many companies that are doing this, and with every one that is found, another one will pop up,” McCaskill said.

It’s about time. I wrote a blog well over a year ago discussing Sensa, it’s phony diet claims and unsubstantiated weight loss “NON-Sensa.” I’ve also written about diet pills such TriAdaleanPhenocal, Avesil and Lipotrim, which also promise rapid weight loss without the use of dieting and exercise. The unfortunate thing is that HCG was mentioned in the article as well, specifically HCG Diet Direct. Now, HCG Diet Direct is nothing more than a website that exists in the clouds and ships from a remote warehouse, offering little support for it’s dieters, but it still involves the HCG supplement. The difference here, and big misunderstanding, is that HCG actually incorporates a reduction in calories, while the others are nothing more than amphetamine based diuretics. 

It’s not surprising that Senator McCaskill and the FTC confuse or group HCG along with these other so-called diet plans, because most doctors do just the same. See the passage from HCG 2.0 below…

I also recommend discussing HCG 2.0 with your doctor. However, be prepared for a questionable reaction. You may even have to educate them on the protocol. Most MDs, although very well-educated and altruistic, are indoctrinated to treat illness, rather than prevent it. Don’t be dissuaded. Any weight loss plan, with the exception of amphetamine based diet pills, that involves the elimination of processed sugars and carbs, is good for you.

In addition, most of the plans above, including HCG Diet Direct, explicitly claims that you lose weight without exercise. The reason HCG Diet Direct recommends no exercise is because the traditional HCG diet developed by Dr. Simeons also suggests no exercise. The main reason for this is because patients are nearly protein deprived on the traditional HCG diet, especially men. While a 500 calorie diet may be adequate for a small woman,  it  is certainly not adequate for men or larger women with greater muscle mass.  This is why HCG 2.0 uses a BMR calculation to determine the amount of calories each dieter can consume on their individualized HCG diet. This satisfies protein requirements for all, without inhibiting weight loss with unnecessary filler from carbs, as that which is included in the traditional HCG diet. HCG 2.o recommends the follow regarding exercise….

  1.  Brisk Walking – About 30-60 minutes per day.  If possible, get 30 minutes prior to breakfast.  I know, the numbers don’t quite add up, but walking is the only exception to not getting your protein in the first 30 min of your day. Both the walking and the protein help to jumpstart your metabolism and enhance your Ketogenic Response. If you want to guarantee your success, this is the best way to do it from both a physiological and motivational perspective. If you start your day with motivation you’ll likely finish it with motivation.

  2. Light Weight/High Repetition Weight Training – You’re not trying to build muscle, but burn fat.  Cross fit is an example of this type of workout, but sometimes combines too much cardio. Cross fit is great to make routine after you complete the low-cal phase of the diet, but be cautious during the low cal phase, especially if you have no experience. Again, you’re not trying to build muscle, but burn fat. Save the muscle-building for after the diet.

  3. Isometric Exercises – Like Yoga, Pilates or Swiss Ball routines are excellent for maintaining muscle mass.

Other exercises included in HCG 2.0 are vibration plate workouts and what I like to call commercial workout. What are commercial workouts? These are recommendations I give to my pain management patients. When you’re sitting in front of the TV in the evening, hop off the couch during the commercials and plank for a minute. I also have more information on my blog illustrating a variety of exercises you can do right in front of the TV.

Dr. Z’s HCG blog

With all that said, the bottom line is that HCG is still very misunderstood. It should in no way shape or form be grouped together with all of the other diet scams such as SensaTriAdaleanPhenocal, Avesil, Lipotrim and all other diet pills. I’ll have to send Senator McCaskill a copy of my book. If you’ve completed HCG 2.0 with success and would like to send her an email or call her office, her contact information is below. Tell her about your experience with HCG 2.0 and let her know that there is a smarter way to lose.

Senator Clair McCaskill’s office and locations are below…

Office of U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill United States Senate Hart Senate Office Building, Ste. 506 Washington, D.C. 20510 Phone 202-224-6154

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