Free HCG Diet Seminar Monday, Nov. 25

If you’re curious about the scheduling of a HCG weight loss seminar just before Thanksgiving, it actually makes very good sense. The first two days that you begin taking your HCG supplement, it’s required that you eat a high fat diet. What better day to overeat on fats than Thanksgiving. There are three phases to the HCG protocol. This first phase, called the loading days or gorge phase not only  jump starts your HCG weight loss, it side-steps a process called starvation mode. Typically, when you drastically reduce calories as you do when dieting, it’s alarming to the body and it actually begins to behave more efficiently with it’s calories, anticipating a reduction in food supply. Keep in mind that human physiology exists to maintain long-term survival. It does so by storing away calories in our fat cells for long winters and famine – conditions that rarely exist today. Over-eating on fats causes liver enzymes to momentarily spike. When they come back into normal levels the HCG is already working for you and supplying you with calories from stored fat.

There is no registration necessary for the seminar. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the local food pantry and guests are encouraged to bring canned good donations.

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