Five Simple Steps to Ensure HCG Diet Success

Ensure your New Year’s Resolution HCG Diet success by doing these five simple steps prior to beginning your diet.

  1. Pick a start date and tell you family and friends. Inform them of your HCG diet weight loss goals and how you plan on achieving them. Not only will this ensure their support, but more importantly, it commits you to it.

  2. Clean out your cabinets and refrigerator of all the junk food items that are not allowed on the diet. An easy way to avoid failure on your HCG diet is to remove temptation.

  3. Visit your Doctor for a routine check-up and blood work. In addition to getting the green light from your physician to begin a weight loss program, you’ll also be able to compare your pre and post diet metabolic panel. You might be surprised what a 40-cycle of the HCG diet can do to improve cholesterol, blood glucose, HCA1C and blood pressure. For more information on what HCG can do to improve your blood chemistry, visit my blog HCG  Diet Sh0ws Substantial Improvements in Cholesterol and HBA1C.

  4. Go to the grocery store. You’re investing in your health and appearance so spare no expense. Buy organic as these foods have a higher nutritional content per calorie ratio. Experiment with allowable foods you’ve never tried before. For recipe ideas, tune in to the InsideOut Wellness blog as we add a free HCG diet recipe on a weekly basis

  5. Prepare your food ahead of time. Grill some chicken breasts. Cut and refrigerate vegetables. The poor foods we eat are seldom our foods of choice, but more often our foods of convenience. Setting the alarm clock 15 minutes earlier in the morning to prepare your lunch and afternoon snack can make all the difference in your HCG diet success.

Best of luck with your HCG diet!! To view some of the InsideOut Wellness HCG Diet Success Stories and Before and After Pictures, CLICK HERE.

Dr. Zach LaBoube – InsideOut Wellness – Los Angeles

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If you’d like to visit one of the InsideOut Wellness HCG Diet providers, CLICK HERE.

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