FAQs From It Works Body Wraps On Products, Compensation and Becoming A Distributor

If you’re considering joining the It Works family as a retailer and distributor of Body Wraps and General Health, below is a list of FAQs regarding products and compensation.

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Important Websites:

Myitworkspay.com– where we go to get paid!

Myitworks.com– esuites login and password

What is the 80BV autoship?

This is our one and only requirement as a distributor after we buy the business builder kit. Beginning one month after the day we enroll, we purchase 80BV worth of product (see definition of BV below) and this qualifies us to earn commission each month. We have no sales quotas, no minimums for the month, this is our only requirement. We run this each month and we can change our autoship each month to include different products that we can use for ourselves or sell. If your autoship runs, you get paid! If it does not run, you do not get paid. It is a simple process and if you are in business, you will run your autoship.

Orders: Average time to receive orders: 3-10 business days depending on order, when it was placed, etc…

Esuite vs. Website Your esuite is your “back office” and can be found by logging into myitworks.com with the number given to you upon enrollment and the password set up by either your enroller or the one you created when you signed up on the website. This is where you will go to place personal orders, check your team volume, submit a ticket for customer service help, see your downline, edit your autoship, etc… Your personal website or replicated website is set up upon enrollment and is usually yourname.myitworks.com. This is where you will  send potential and existing customers to find more information. It is possible to enroll new loyal customers and distributors through this website as well, but you will almost always enroll through your eSuite.- it’s a much smoother process. Why is my website not working? Have you tried to put in the address without the www? Usually that works. Use Https Also, go to myitworks.com and click shop. Add something to the bag and click “buy from a distributor.” Then search by your name or number. If you do not pop up on the left hand side there may be issues with your e-suite enrollment. Call customer service or submit a ticket.

What is in the $349 Booster Pack? 4 boxes of body applicators (16 wraps), 1 box  facial applicators (4 wraps), greens on the go (berry), 1 defining gel,1 bottle fat fighters, and 1 lifting lip and eye cream for  $349. Can be ordered any time, BV is 230.

Can a LC and a DT live in the same household? You may have more than one DT in a household. A loyal and a DT can live in the same household, but the LC will not count towards the free product/app rewards for that DT. You CAN sign 2 loyals in the same household but they will not count toward free product, app rewards, bonuses, etc… So do not sign 2 loyals with the same address and expect them to count toward free product, app rewards, or bonuses.

Where can I buy order forms, marketing materials, etc… http://myitworksstore.com/    10% off your first order with promo code: new2itworks Please order all marketing material from the myitworksstore.com. The company does not allow us to make our own t-shirts/catalogs/etc… Spend time training and wrapping people, not reinvinting the wheel with marketing! : ) If you are on a budget and have to pick and choose- order blitz cards first, then party pads, then product catalogs. You can run your business without the other marketing materials but the three above are so important to have!

How does a LC become a DT? If the LC is directly under you, simply log into their LC account and change a letter in their email address. Enroll them as a brand new DT on your website, then create a support ticket to cancel their autoship on the LC account as they are now a DT. (Be sure to give full info – first/last name and ID numbers).

If the LC is one placed under another DT and he/she wants to move under you, you will need to do the same steps as above, but they will have a $50 cancellation fee if they didn’t fulfill their 3 month commitment as a LC. NEVER EVER give up enrollership to get around that $50 fee. You will be giving up your $100 fast start AND the 5% enroller bonus for life. I repeat, NEVER give up enrollership of a DT!

Loyals cancelling autoship: If their autoship date is within 1-2 days, I would try to call and cancel it. If you have longer than 2 days, they can log into the website and cancel their autoshipment. They will see several screens that ask if they really want to cancel their shipment. Once they turn off the autoshipment, they have 30 days to use any unspent Perk Points. Loyals may cancel their autoship anytime after the third shipment with no penalty. It is not automatically turned off. They must cancel it through the website or call customer service. If they cancel their shipment before their 3rd consecutive calendar month, they will be charged a $50 fee.

Loyal Customer Incentives: NEW LOYAL CUSTOMER INCENTIVES * NEW PERK POINTS Perk points are redeemable at any time ; used only on an additional order beyond their autoshipment  (cannot be used on autoship). They will receive 50 free bonus points after six months on autoship They will receive 150 free bonus points after 12 months on autoship * NEW SHIPPING INCENTIVES Free shipping after 3 months of a consecutive autoship. (So free shipping will occur on their 4th autoship and any consecutive months following) Or Free shipping  anytime with their purchase of $125+ worth of products! ** 1 PERK POINT = $1.00** Loyal Customers earn 10% perk points on their orders (excluding shipping and handling) Loyal customer pricing starts immediately on your first order, and once you have received 3 consecutive orders, you are able to enjoy loyal customer pricing for life. Loyals only need to keep one item on their autoship, and can change their item(s), as often as they would like. There’s never a minimum purchase amount or price.


See rules in eSuite documents tab. Referrals only for the first 30 days.

Regarding 30 days to get Fast starts and App rewards Free product and fast starts are calculated in the first 30 calendar days of a DTs enrollment. So if you signed on December 15th, that is the first calendar day. Count 30 days from that date. The 30 days is up on January 13th, not January 15th. This is very important!! If you sign a DT on December 15th and her autoship processes January 15th, you have until the 13th to earn your fast start/free product/ etc… Redeeming App Rewards For every 2 new loyal customers you enroll, you earn an applicator reward. This allows you to purchase a box of body wraps for $25 or a box of facial wraps for $25. App rewards will appear on the lower right side of your eSuite homepage. To redeems, “orders” at the top of the page and then on applicator rewards. Add them to your cart. App rewards are free shipping.

Charting Level worksheets can be found in your esuite/back office under documents

When should I sign up my husband/mother/etc… I am always asked the best time to sign up a spouse or mom or anyone else you want to place people under and “work for.” I have always thought the best time was early on in the business but I now see the pitfalls of signing up a spouse too early. You definitely want to sign up your spouse after diamond, but doing it too early can complicate things and be discouraging if your recruiting is not at a high level. You have to maintain two autoships and working two charts can be difficult. It is best to talk to your upline as your individual situation may be benefit by signing up a spouse or significant other. *Always be the enroller on DT’s. Do not go to anyone else’s website and enroll DT’s that are yours. As your team grows, it will become more difficult to keep up with FSB and enroller bonuses, etc… so always be the enroller and submit a ticket to move them. Fast Start Bonuses Paid out weekly, usually on a Friday. $100 is paid to you as a bonus when a distributor that you have enrolled signs their first 2 loyals in their first 30 days. This is aone time bonus. You must have two loyal customers under you that have either completed three months OR are still running an autoship (this is the definition of an “active loyal”), and you and the enrolled distributor must both have an 80bv autoship set up.

Compensation Questions: How do I get paid? Once you have earned more than $20 in commissions or bonuses you will receive an email asking you to activate your account at myitworkspay.com. The myitworkspay portal is a lot like a paypal account and you can transfer your funds directly into your account. There is a $1-2 fee each time funds are transferred.

What is a “qualified leg?” A qualified leg is a distributor that has 400GV. This 400GV is made up of their autoship order, their four loyal customers orders, and any distributors they have under them. The easiest way to make sure you have a qualified leg is to repeat the “steps to success” and teach it to your distributors. Sign up for the kit and set up your 80bv autoship, get four loyals, and work on finding three distributors.

What is BV? BV stands for bonus volume. It is the volume assigned to a product that you are paid commission on. For example, the applicators cost $59 but they are a 54BV. The company pays you commission on the 54 not the $59. For the most part, the product cost and BV match, but some products have a slightly lower BV than cost. Your autoship must be an 80BV or more each month- not $80. 

When do I get paid? Commissions are paid on a monthly basis. They are based on work done from the 1st-31st, calculated around the 10th of every month, and you are paid on the 15th.

What Bonuses are available? 1. Fast start bonus: Every time you sign up a new distributor and help them get their first 2 loyal customers within their first 30 days, you get $100 cash! This is paid out on a weekly basis on Fridays (you don’t have to wait until your monthly check to get it). 2. “Loyal Customer” Bonus: No, you don’t get a “car” but you sure could finance one with $600 a month once you get 60 loyal customers. The company will allow you as long as it takes to make this happen! To maintain this each month, you must also have $3,000 in PBV each month. 3. App Rewards: Every time you get 2 loyal customers, you can get a box of wraps (4 in a box) for just $25. When you sell them for $25 each, you are making $75 profit off of this box. You can also use the app rewards to purchase a box of facial wraps for $20.

Compensation Plan (The complex version): Our compensation plan is unilateral and has 6+ levels of pay you can make depending on your status in the company. You make 10%, 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%, and 2% to infinity on loyal customers and distributors. Different levels get paid as follows: Distributor= 15% (on first level), 10% (on second level) Executive= Same as above plus 5% (on third level) Ruby= Same as above plus 5% (on fourth level) Emerald= Same as above plus 5% (on fifth level) Diamond & Above= Same as above plus 2% (on sixth level and beyond)

How do I get to be a…Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, etc.? Simple answer: Repeat the steps to success over and over again. OR…in other words, always have the goal of Executive on your mind! Complex answer: Have five qualified legs, with one being an Emerald and one being a Ruby. Qualified leg is one that has 400 or more GV. *Ruby = 1 Executive, 2 qualified legs *Emerald = 2 Rubies, 2 qualified legs *To maintain diamond, you must have $10,000 in BV each month.

Why have the goal of Diamond? 1. This is where you start making enough money to replace your “job.” 2. Diamonds get 2 raises! – An extra 2% override on entire volume outside of diamond legs – Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB): $80 bonus for everyone who does the steps to success no matter where they are at in your downline! This is triggered by fast starts. Once a new distributor gets 2 loyals in 30 days, you not only get $100 fast start (if you were the one who enrolled them) but you’ll also get $80 CAB on top of that! * CAB bonuses get higher as you move up from diamond (diamond gets $80, double diamond gets $120, triple diamond gets $135, presidential diamond gets $145, ambassador gets $155)

Maintaining your level To maintain Executive and Ruby you must re-qualify each month. To maintain Emerald and above status, you can requalify based on GV. Once you qualify every box on the Emerald chart you can requalify the next month based on group volume. If your group volume (GV) is more than 8,000 the month after you hit Emerald, and no more than 50% of that 8,000 comes from one leg, you will maintain your status. Breaking that down: You qualify for Emerald in May. In June you don’t have to worry about every box having 400 if your GV is 8,000 or higher. One leg can make up 3,999 of the GV and the other 4,001 has to come from the rest of your other legs. If that happens, you will maintain Emerald. Emerald- 8,000 Diamond- 10,000 Double Diamond- 25,000 Triple Diamond- 50,000 Presidential- 100,000 Ambassador- 250,000

Do we get BV if a DT only orders the kit? No. Always try to encourage new DT’s to order the mini booster kit, the booster kit, or minimum an extra box of applicators at least so you get 54 BV. Their autoship does not process until the month after they enroll. Can pregnant and nursing women use the wraps? Always tell customers to consult their doctor. The company says pregnant and nursing women should not use the wraps. They can use the skin care line and facial wraps safely. Many nursing women have used the wraps and had success and no trouble, but for liability issues, you should always tell them to ask their doctor. Same applies to the supplements, including the greens. They are formulated for an adult and we cannot  guarantee safety during pregnancy and nursing – have them take an ingredient list to their doctor. Working out and Wrapping Do not wear the wrap while you are working out. The goal is to maximize absorption into the pores (i.e., why we put it on clean skin, no lotions, after a shower when pores are the most open) so putting it on and then sweating is not optimal! Work out, then wrap.

What is the greens facial? Mix equal parts greens and water/preventage/defining gel and wear it as a mask on your face for 45 minutes. It is ultra pore-refining and moisturizing. Tell your customers about it!

What age can use the wrap? Company says 18 and over, it is up to the parents consent. Greens and It’s Vital can be given to children.

Are the results from the wraps simply water weight loss? Absolutely not! Our wraps can easily be confused with “spa wraps” that simply de-hydrate and cause water loss. Our wraps are ultra-hydrating, have no diuretics, and we encourage the consumption of water to maximize results.

Can you spray tan and wrap?

You want to definitely wrap the day before. When you spray tan the next day you want to shower & shave. You cannot take a shower until the next day after spray tanning. Wait 4 days before wrapping again bc the product on the wrap can affect the tan, plus the spray is going into the pores. A spray tan only lasts 1-2 weeks. So…wrap then tan, then wait to wrap 4 days after, or even a week, depending on how often you wrap. That would be best. 

How do I cash out my product credit?                       

Go into your esuite and click “ORDERS” on the top of the page. On the left click on “Start a Personal Order” and enter your items. When you pay, click on “Product Credit” instead of default credit card.   Product credit does not expire

How do I cash out my wrap rewards?                      

Go into your esuite and click “ORDERS” on the top of the page. On the left click on “Applicator Rewards”. You will be charged $25 plus tax for each box of wraps. Applicator Rewards expire after 60 days

Other Bits and Pieces of Info! *If you are listed on the sidebar of your e-suite as “commission qualified- false” one of two things still needs to happen. Either your autoship has not processed this month or your PBV is less than 400. One of the two needs to happen and it will say “true.”

*If your sidebar reads, “Fast start qualified- false,” then you either do not have two qualified loyal customers or your 80BV autoship is not set up/has not run. Make sure both happen or you are not eligible to earn these great bonuses!

*If you have an LC that wants 2 boxes of wraps have them make one of them a wrap pack (the package with the mini gel for $69) because they will then qualify for FREE shipping and it’s only $1 more than what it would have been paying for 2 boxes with standard delivery!

*Company will ship to a PO Box now.

*You can change the date of your  autoship through eSuite. Loyal customers can change their autoship date through the replicated website. Remember, for their first 3 orders they must be 3 consecutive calendar months. It doesn’t matter if it’s August 1, September 30th, October 15th. They need to be consecutive calendar months, not the same calendar day.

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