Does the New Diet Pill TriAdalean Really Work?


Is there really a miracle pill for weight loss? Can HCG suppress appetite?

Not exactly. There are a thousands of diet pills upon the market, the newest is TriAdalean. A vast majority of these diet pills, examples include Sensa,, Phenocal, Avesil and Lipotrim, are nothing more than highly concentrated combinations of over-the-counter amphetamines and diuretics. Although, it’s difficult to tell because similar TriAdalean, most don’t list their ingredients. Diet pill manufacturers often boast of double-blind studies, but fail to release the actual study. Most of these pills do nothing but dehydrate you providing short-term results, but nothing that lasts.

What about HCG?

No, but that’s what makes it so effective. The HCG doesn’t provide the weight loss, the restrictive diet you’re on while supplementing the HCG does. The HCG facilitates weight loss by doing primarily two things…

  1. HCG targets your weight loss allowing you to strictly burn fat while maintaining muscle mass. This is where the “inches” portion of the Pounds and Inches Manuscript comes from, meaning you lose weight from the areas you need it most. HCG 2.0 diet

  2. HCG provides you with an appetite suppressant effect by unlocking stored fat that provides you with 1000 to 4000 calories per day. This produces an insulin release which, in turn, tells your brain that you’re satiated. HCG is an appetite suppressant.

In addition to facilitating weight loss, HCG helps you maintain your weight by re-setting a new metabolic point. To find a location near you, CLICK HERE. Is HCG an appetite suppressant?

Want to know why Thanksgiving is a great time to start the HCG diet, CLICK HERE.

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