Does Protein Convert to Carbs?

So yesterday we discussed why fat consumption is not ideal for the HCG diet. Today we’re going to talk about why a high protein diet IS ideal for the HCG diet and whether or not the protein you consume on the diet gets converted to carbs.

Roundaboutly, Teresa’s question was why is it okay to consume protein on the HCG diet if it ultimately get’s converted into carbs. Well, that’s not exactly what happens. What Teresa was insinuating is a completely healthy metabolic process called ketosis, which exists when we limit our carb intake so that our body is required to tap into unwanted fat reserves to meet our energy needs. The part about this conversation that gets confusing for Teresa and many of the rest of us, is when we limit calories  WITHOUT decreasing carb intake to below 30 grams per day. To explain this fully, let’s look at an excerpt from HCG 2.0 – Don’t Starve, Eat Smart and Lose by CLICKING HERE.

So as you can see, it’s not protein consumption or protein calories that get converted to carbs, but fat – more specifically, stored fat, in the form of ketones. As a result of stored fat being converted to ketone calories, not only does it limit your hunger on the low calorie stage of the HCG diet by supplying you with ketone calories, but it facilitates weight loss. So, if you look at the answer to today’s question that suggests a high protein diet in combination with low fat and low carb is the best situation to initiate ketosis then you have your answer. Ketosis is the ONLY way to tap into our unwanted fat reserves; ketosis is the door that houses our unwanted fat and HCG is the key.

I’ll answer Teresa’s remaining two questions (listed below) tomorrow. See you soon.

Dr. Z

In reviewing Teresa’s email, it looks like she has roughly 3 questions regarding the physiology of HCG and nutrition in general. I’ll list her questions below and then answer them accordingly.

  1. Why limit fat consumption on the HCG diet? Would adding fat facilitate a more optimal level ketosis?

  2. Does protein covert to carbs?

  3. Would a pregnant woman produce HCG despite her diet?

  4. Is HCG an Amino Acid and if it is, why do we need to eat additional protein if it’s already being produced in the form of HCG?

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