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In addition to her fitness certifications, Lisa is one of St. Louis’ leading distributors of Juice Plus. She’s been taking the supplement for over 11 years and has been a distributor for nearly as long. Her knowledge of the product is only surpassed by her passion for it, which is why I asked her to be the Juice Plus liaison for InsideOut Wellness. I just don’t get an opportunity to discuss Juice Plus with my patients as often as I should, so I’ve designated Lisa with the task. Click the Youtube video below to see a bit of Lisa’s experience and passion for JP+.

What I like about Juice Plus

To elaborate on Lisa’s video, the thing I like most about Juice Plus is that it gives me piece of mind. I eat pretty healthy, but like everyone, I have my shortcomings. I’m often in a rush, and as a result, I cut corners. Juice Plus bridges the gap to good health. It provides the phytonutrients, or plant based nutrition, that we often fail to include in our daily diet. I still try my best to eat proper amount of fruits and vegetables, but if I’m having one of those weeks that just doesn’t allow it, I can still sleep easy knowing that I’m getting everything I need (and more) from Juice Plus.

In addition, as I’m getting older, I’m getting more and more concerned about my hairline. Hair loss is prevalent in my family and i’m determined to do all I can to maintain EVERYTHING that I have… left, that is.  I really believe that Juice Plus has limited my receding hairline. It’s quite possible that I’m playing games with myself, but at least I feel like I’m being proactive. That in itself is a worth it. Fella’s – check it out.

Juice Plus is FREE to children between the ages of 3 and 18

The Juice Plus Children’s Health Study provides the Juice Plus supplement in Gummy form to children between the ages of 3 and 18. For every adult that is on the supplement, they can sponsor one child for the JP+ Children’s Health Study. This is something of which EVERYONE should take advantage. My niece and nephew are participants and they love their Juice Plus Gummies.

To break it down, for every adult that signs up for Juice Plus, they get too sponsor one child, whether it’s your child or the neighbors. So do yourself and the neighbor kid a favor and sign up today by completing the Juice Plus enrollment form here.

If you have questions for Lisa, you can email Lisa at

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