CPT1 – The Magical Weight Loss Enzyme within the Vietnamese Pomelo

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Carnitine Polmitoyltransferase 1 or CPT 1 is an enzyme found in high concentrations in the rinds or skins of Southeast Asian Pomelos. CPT1 is known for its effect on hepatic function that inhibits the liver’s ability to convert excess carbohydrates into fat. CPT1 is currently being studied as a potential remedy for the treatment of Type II Diabetes. 

How the lovely Lieu lost 20 pounds buy sipping pomelo tea

I spent the better part of 2015 and 2016 seeing patients in Vietnam. My office was located within the heart of Ho Chi Minh city, previously Saigon.

It was recommended to me by a Vietnamese friend that I should hire a personal assistant. It was explained that although Vietnam is a wonderful place, it has its share of hustlers, so an assistant with some street smarts would actually save me money in the long run. This is how I met Lieu. And in hindsight, my friend was right. Lieu proved a be a life-saver. And a dear friend.


I paid Lieu quite well by Vietnamese standards. I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I think some of my American complacency may have rubbed off on her. Either that or I didn’t keep her busy enough. Whatever the cause, she put on 10 kilos (roughly 22 pounds as there are 2.2 pounds to a kilo) over the course of the 2 years she worked for me.

As a “professional” in weight loss industry, and the author of HCG 2.0, this didn’t sit well with me, but it was a slow progression, as gaining weight always is. When I returned to Vietnam after an extended stay in the states, she said to me in her charming yet broken English, “Why you not tell me I get fat? My moder, she tell me I fat.”


Let me explain, I’ve met Lieu’s mother. She doesn’t speak any English, but she’s not the type of woman to call her daughter fat. However, given Lieu’s limited vocabulary, she was only able to qualify her weight gain by using that ugly word… fat.


Of course I told her she wasn’t fat. Similar to all kids leaving the nest, the transition from mom and dad’s house to their own dorm rooms or apartments, they tend to gain weight. “Lieu, it’s nothing to worry about,” I said.

In fact, I had brought back sample bottles of HCG, so if she was serious about losing the excess weight, I had the answer. 

She didn’t need it, she told me in clear English. Her mother had been boiling pomelo tea for her. Lieu’s mother would send her back to the city with dried pomelo rinds from the pomelo trees in their backyard in the Mekong. Why? Because it’s a weight loss secret that the countryside women of Vietnam have known for decades. Likely centuries.


The people of Vietnam have had the rug pulled out from under them more than once in their history. There were times, not that long ago actually, when their health was literally all they had. So they cultivated it. They refined it, with the only commodity that was available to them. The kind that grows from the earth.

In hindsight, this pomelo weight loss secrete did, in fact, conjure memories of when my mother used to do the grapefruit diet back in the 80s. My mom was always on the forefront of health and wellness and holistic healing. Also in hindsight, I think it’s because of her foresight that I became a doctor of holistic medicine. My grandfather had always taken pride in his Native American heritage, and it trickled down. To my mother, and ultimately, to me. 

Sixty days and daily doses of pomelo tea later, Lieu was back to her petite self that she was the day I met her. Again, as a weight loss “professional,” I was intrigued. Beyond intrigued, I was a believer. It was time to do some research. 

Lieu and I Are Both Weight Loss Experts

“Are your buyers getting results,” I ask? 

“Yes. They lose 10 kilo. Like me.”

Wha WHAT???

CPT1 – The Magic Inside the Pomelo

In researching, I discovered that the pomelo has a tremendous amount of health benefits. It is, in fact, revered by the Vietnamese as an anti-aging cure all (hyperlink to blog about health benefits). Beyond weight loss it is known to do everything from reducing blood pressure to rejuvenating and tightening skin, which makes it a perfect addition to InsideOut Wellness. After all, true health radiates from the InsideOut, right? 

In regard to Weight Loss, there is a specific enzyme that his highly concentrated within the rind of the Southeast Asian pomelo that immediately caught my attention. And not just my attention, but the collective attention of the entire medical community. It’s an enzyme called Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase 1 or CPT1.  This enzyme continues to surface in all sort of research involving obesity and inversely, weigh loss.

CPT1 currently being researched as a possible cure for Type II Diabetes. Below are three attributes of CPT1 that directly lead to weight loss (to view in Wikipedia, click here and scroll down to Clinical Significance)…

How CPT1 Directly Leads to Weight Loss

  1. Decreases the production of free fatty acids.

  2. Decreases the body’s ability to accumulate systemic fat.

  3. Increases the body’s ability to oxidize (burn) systemic fat.

This is why the grapefruit diet of the 80s actually worked. Keep in mind that the american grapefruit (sometimes mistakenly called a pomelo) is only half of the Southeast Asian Pomelo. A grapefruit is a hybrid of the pomelo and a blood orange. This means that the blood orange is contributing sugar, but not CPT1. So the American grapefruit only gives you, at best, half the CPT1  of it’s Veitnamese counterpart. Additionally, the rinds of the Vietnamese Pomelo is where you find that highest concentrations of CPT1.


Something to remember about fruit… the inside of the fruit, generally the part you eat, is primarily just sugar. My biochem professor described fruit as a lunch box. It contains all of the fuel that the seed needs to survive the winter and take root in the spring. The outside coating, or the skin, is where all of the durability and the power reside. This is why you shouldn’t peel your apples. A majority of the nutrition is in the skin. Same for the pomelo. A majority of the nutrition is in the skin, or the rind. That’s why the woman of Vietnam boil them. This provides all of the fat fighting properties of CPT1 without the excess carbs.

The Pomelo Plan is the like the Grapefruit diet of the 80s on a whole new level. This is why Lieu, and her S. Korean clients, can lose 10 kilos in 60 days with little change to their diet.

For more on how you can use dried Vietnamese pomelo tea to maintain your weight loss on HCG 2.0, click here. – For details on how you can lose 10 kilos is under 60 days just like Lieu, click here. (link to the pomelo plan)

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