Considering a New Years Diet?

Don’t wait until January to start your New Years Resolution when Christmas is the perfect time to begin the HCG diet.

Dr. Oz endorses the HCG diet.

If you are familiar with the HCG diet,  then you’re aware of the loading days. If you have heard of HCG, but have yet to begin your research, the first two days of your HCG diet require you to eat as many calories from fat as possible. This seems counterproductive, but it not only provides an immediate calorie reserve, which helps alleviate hunger during the first week of the low calorie phase, but it also tricks your body into immediately shedding fat stores while the HCG takes effect. Could there be a time of the year to “load up” on fats than Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? That’s right, eat all you want over Christmas knowing that you’re eating with a purpose. Following your two loading days, you’ll begin the low calorie phase of your HCG diet. During the low-cal phase of your HCG diet, women typically lose a half to a pound per day, while men lose two pounds per day.

The InsideOut Wellness HCG weight loss system has helped over 10,000 dieters reach their weight loss goals, and more importantly, keep the weight off. InsideOut Wellness has multiple HCG weight loss centers throughout the Midwest and California. If you don’t have a location near you, you can now order your HCG diet drops and support package direct through our online store.

To learn more about the HCG diet and view our HCG diet success stories page, CLICK HERE. To see how the HCG diet compares to other diets you may have heard of, see the graph below.

The Pounds and Inches HCG diet drops can now be purchased for as low as $109.

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