Connie Has Two Great Questions Regarding Her HCG Diet Maintenance Phase

You spent 40 long days with your HCG diet drops, watching carbs, counting calories and you lost a lot of weight. Likely between 20 and 30 pounds. The last thing you want to do is squander your efforts as you transition in the HCG diet maintenance phase. So how do you truly sustain your weight loss?

Connie is not alone. She did great on the low calorie phase of HCG 2.0, but she has an additional 5 pounds just lingering. She’s determined to lose them, and she will, but how? Check her questions below if you’re unable to read them in the image above…

Fat Vs Carbs following your HCG protocol

Questions #1 – I have 2 questions about the amount of calories to maintain… why do you add 1.25 % more calories to your BMR if the basal rate is how many calories you burn without moving. Wouldn’t you just need your basal rate amount? I just don’t want to gain weight…

You add the 25% because it’s likely that you won’t remain “at rest” for an day. And we all know that your BMR is the amount of calories you need to maintain “at rest” body function. Unless, of course, it’s a lazy football Sunday. I’ve been know to lay prone for up to 12 hours at a strech, only removing myself to use the restroom and open the fridge.

That being said, it’s entirely fine to maintain a daily calorie intake of less than 125% of your BMR. Even below a daily calorie intake of 100% of your BMR is fine, as long as you’re eating the right things.

We all store fat and there is more than double the amount energy in fat than there is in carbs or protein. A gram of fat contains 9 calories, while carbs, which is the typical energy source of the human body, only contain 4 calories per gram. Keep in mind that a calorie is a unit of energy. If you haven’t yet watched the video above, it does an excellent job of explaining this. Love TedEd. 

The difficult part is accessing the fat that is stored in all the areas we don’t want it. In fact, your body will steal calories from muscle mass before it will tap into your unwanted fat reserves. This is why a low-cab diet, like HCG 2.0, is the ONLY way to lose unwanted fat while maintaining healthy muscle mass.

So how do we remain in a good to optimal state of ketosis following your HCG diet? Simple, if you’ve read HCG 2.0 – A Modern Adaptation of the HCG Diet, you already know the answer. You limit carbs.

However, this isn’t always easy, but there is help out there. There is a bio-hack called exogenous ketones. Recent studies have shown that ketosis is actually a feed forward process. When you get to an advanced state of ketosis, your body assumes there is a drastic reduction in available calories. As a result, your liver springs into action to help you out by converting even MORE fat into usable energy (ketone calories). If you supplement some of these tertiary ketones, while maintaining a reasonably low carb diet, ideally less then 30-50 grams of carbs per day, you can remain in an adequate state of ketosis during your HCG maintenance phase. You can read more about this ketosis bio-hack by clicking on a recent blog of mine

Another simple biohack is Garcinia Cambogia. The Garcinia Cambogia works by preventing the body from converting excess carbs into stored fat. The best thing about Garcinia Cambogia is that it doesn’t have to be taken daily. You can pop a couple before or after a heavy carb meal and it will do its job. 

So, to answer Connie’s question, you add the 25% during maintenance in order to stabilize your weight while creating real and sustainable eating habits. More on that in Connie’s below in Connie’s second question. 

Making your weight loss truly sustainable

Question #2 – Second, is it ok to lose a few more pounds in P3? I know it is important to stabilize, but I would like to lose 5 more lbs before I do the 3 weeks of stabilizing without being on the HCG diet drops…

Absolutely! It’s fine to continue to lose, but it’s more important to stabilize your weight than lose. Here is why… Your body wants to maintain fat reserves so it will be determined to replace the fat it lost. My advice to Connie here is to focus on sustainable eating habits rather than losing weight during the early stages of her HCG diet maintenance phase. Sustainable weight loss is all about addressing bad eating habits and mediating them. In other words, find a balance between the bad things in your diet (the reasons you gained the weight in the first place) and clean eating, similar to that of HCG 2.0. Find what works for you.

Also keep in mind that your weight is going to fluctuate. Some people call this yo-yo dieting, which ALWAYS has a negative connotation. But, the fact is, you’re not going to stay at your ideal weight 24/7, 365. A boxer doesn’t stay at his fighting weight all year long, does he? You wouldn’t call him/her a yo-yo dieter, would you?

The key here is you can’t let it get out of hand. You need to stay within that 10 pound range of your ideal weight. We all get sloppy from time to time, but if you slip too much it can spiral out of control VERY quickly. This is when you procrastinate and say, “I know I’m tipping the scales a bit, but I’ll pull it together this summer.” Ultimately, by the following fall, you’re 20 pounds overweight again and it’s time to buy some more HCG drops.

Does this make sense? To make your weight loss truly sustainable, you have to make real change with your eating habits. It’s more about calorie replacement rather than calorie reduction. Focus on eating the right things and learning to like the right foods. Taste is an acquired sense. Eliminating the junk in your diet and replacing it with legit nutrition, such as healthy fats, adequate protein, phytonutrition from plants (vegetables); is the only way to make your weight loss truly sustainable. You’re better to focus on THAT during HCG diet maintenance rather than focusing on the scale. 

Thank you for the great questions, Connie. I hope I did an adequate job of answering them. If not, leave a follow-up in the comments below and I will address.

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