Chiropractic Gaining Acceptance

I have to agree with this article here. I have several friends that have graduated from med school in the last 10 years that have no problem referring patients to me. In fact, some of them are patients. I’m not sure why the older docs are more skeptical, but even they have changed their views. If you’re someone that is scared of chiropractic, don’t be. The chiropractic adjustment is one of the greatest tools in all of medicine. Look at it this way… Muscle spasm causes pain, right? Pain causes inflammation… then inflammation causes more pain. Well what is essentially causing the pain? Is it the muscle? The job of a muscle is to contract, right? So when a muscle is in spasm and contracting uncontrollably and causing pain, the muscle is performing its job. The problem is with the nerves that are communicating with the muscle and telling it to contract. So how do we fix it? We can take anti-inflammatory meds, but that won’t stop the muscle from spasming.  Or, we can adjust the spine. By adjusting the appropriate spinal segment, proper neurological communication can be restored. This will allow the muscle to relax, the inflammation will dissipate and pain will be alleviated.  Can you see the brilliance of chiropractic?

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