Can the HCG Diet Reset Your Hypothalamus and Metabolism

First, let’s briefly discuss the hypothalamus for those that are new to the hcg diet protocol and think I’m making up words.  The hypothalamus (this links to a very well written article, but it’s very narrow in scope. there can be dysfunction in the hypothalamus without damage from injury or tumor), is a small gland located deep within the brain. It’s about the size of an almond, but its functionality is quite large. It’s one of the master glands that regulates other glands throughout the body, the one most important to our discussion here is the thyroid.  You’re probably aware that your thyroid controls your metabolism and, in turn, your weight.  So, it stands to reason that whatever is in control of the thyroid is therefore a primary affecter of your metabolism and your weight. The hypothalamus is just that. But here is the thing, not only does it regulate the thyroid and other glands throughout the body, it also has an effect on key centers in the brain, center that regulate our sleep, our body temperature, our thirst, aspects of reproduction and…  hunger and satiety. So it doesn’t just exert its effect on the thyroid, telling it how much thyroid hormone to produce, it also lets us know when we’ve had enough to eat. At least it’s supposed to.

Not all of us have the same hypothalamus. Some of us are lucky, with a wonderfully kind hypothalamus that rides a white horse and kisses babies. Others of us aren’t so lucky, we have a hypothalamus with an ugly scar on its cheek and a diabolical laugh. The lucky ones never have much of a problem with their weight. They might put on a couple extra pounds here and there, but when the jeans start fitting a little too tight, it falls right off with a little carb counting and exercise. For us unlucky ones, our weight is always a struggle because our evil villain of hypothalamus has sabotaged our metabolism. No matter what we do, we still continue to gain.

These unlucky few of us are who Dr. Simeons was speaking about when he wrote his manuscript Pounds and Inches; A New Approach to Obesity. He believed obesity was a symptom, not the cause. The cause, he believed, was the dysfunctional or under-performing hypothalamus which resulted in over-eating and weight gain. As a result, he believed, and quite strongly, that HCG, in combination with his diet could remedy a dysfunctional hypothalamus which would have the effect of restoring a normal metabolism. Why did he so strongly believe this? Because he had mountains of clinic data that corroborated his theory.

Now, what you have to remember is that this is clinical data, not scientific data. That means it’s all subjective and the that results he documented cannot with absolute certainty be attributable to his HCG diet. There could be other factors that would have to be ruled out and that is done through double blind studies, which we do not have. Additionally, since we’re talking about the after effects of the HCG diet, how long would one have to measure those effects? One year? Two years? A life time?

The point I want to make here is that with weight loss, there are no certainties. That being said, let me FINALLY give you my opinion on whether the HCG hormone accompanied by the HCG diet, mine or the original, can reset a dysfunctional hypothalamus.

Can the HCG Diet Remedy or Reset a Dysfunctional Hypothalamus?

Yes, I believe it can and I see it every day. Let’s use the example of pregnancy. Have you known of a heavier woman that, following her pregnancy, trimmed down to a far slimmer weight than what she was prior to pregnancy? It’s quite common, actually, and the reason is the HCG hormone. In fact, when women say they gained weight following a pregnancy, that’s more true than what they realize. Following pregnancy, your OBGYN will tell you to continue to eat, likely excessively, because you’re probably trying to breast feed. This is an example of CYA medicine. That means Cover Your Ass. The truth is, immediately following the pregnancy is your only window to shedding the baby weight and it’s brief, lasting about a month. Again, the reason is that the HCG is still coursing through your system in massive concentrations following your delivery. This is the time to go low carb and begin a walking routine. You obviously want to get an adequate amount of protein and an over-abundance of phytonutrients, or plant based food, from fruits and vegetables, but you don’t need to over-consume to provide for your newborn, whether you’re breast feeding or not. Adequate protein, fruits and veggies and your newborn will get everything it needs. Your newborn will get fat and you’ll get skinny. That’s what we want, right? (So share this blog. Women need to know this.)

However, what usually happens is Mom continues to eat like she did when she was pregnant – kind of wallowing in the after-glow, if you will. Soon, the HCG has left her system, she’s still 20-30 pounds overweight and her window has closed. It’s now going to be an uphill battle. One that likely won’t be one. Think about it. A woman bounces right back following a pregnancy, or she doesn’t at all.

So what now? She can do what she could have done for free following her pregnancy if she had been advised properly by your OBGYN, the HCG diet, which, if done properly, will reset her hypothalamus back to its original functionality. So yes, the HCG diet can reset a dysfunctional hypothalamus. There is your answer.

Now, not all of us have a dysfunctional hypothalamus. Some of us just like to eat. That’s ok, the HCG 2.0 diet protocol is for you too. Just remember that you don’t have the green light to go back to eating the same crap you were before. I don’t feel that I have to elaborate on this, correct? It should be obvious.

Take the things you learned in HCG 2.0 and apply them to your “diet” moving forward. I put diet in quotations because your diet is your lifestyle. The word has mistakenly assumed a short-term connotation, when it’s actually everything you consume on a daily basis, all day, everyday. It’s what you eat, it’s what you drink, it’s all the good things you don’t eat, it’s the frequency that you eat, the time of day that you consume your meals, it’s EVERYTHING. So just eat smart. It’s really that simple.

To your success!

Dr. Z

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