Can I Have a Protein Shake on the HCG Diet – Whey or Soy

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Things I forgot to mention…

1) Whey Protein Vs. Soy Protein in regard to the HCG Diet – In a nutshell, both are good and fine for the HCG diet. There is some controversial research in regard to soy causing breast cancer, but none of it has been substantiated. If you have a family history of breast cancer and this is a concern to you, then by all means, get a whey protein shake. If it’s better for your piece of mind, it’s better for you body. That being said, it IS a good idea to mix them up. In the video I mentioned mixing them up monthly, but daily would be even better. The soy and the whey are made up of different amino acids so diversify. For more information on whey Vs. soy protein click here.

2) Coconut Milk Vs. Almond Milk on the HCG Diet – Again, they’re both good. Coconut milk does contain lauric acid which has some great anti-microbial properties, but Almond Milk is rich in Omega 3s. So diversify.

How to prepare your protein shakes on the HCG Diet – I would always suggest blending them with ice rather than just drinking them cold. Blending your protein shakes makes them more of a meal. It’s more satisfying which is crucial to your success. I know it’s easier and much more convenient to just shake them up, but if you want to sustain your weight loss you MUST learn to make the time to eat healthy. This starts on the low calorie phase of the HCG diet. If you develop good habits while on the 40 low cal days, they’ll carry over into your maintenance. Don’t take shortcuts. You need to start creating positive eating habits and that means MAKING THE TIME TO EAT HEALTHY!

Transcription of blog

Okay, this is question one of the video blog so I’m just going to go ahead and cruise on through these. This is from Kimberly, and Kimberly is one of the best posters and she makes a lot of great posts on the 2.0 page. She has a future as an investigative reporter … She finds all sorts of stuff I forgot I even wrote.

Her question is in regard of protein shakes. Can I have a protein shake on the HCG diet. The best advice I can give you in regard of protein shakes is find the product with the most amount of protein, in grams, compared to the least amount of carbs and fats. Basically what that means is you’re going to look for a protein shake that has a very high PFC number. Obviously, there are whey proteins, there are soy proteins, and just mix them up. Start with one for 30 days, a whey protein for 30 days and then a soy protein for 30 days because your body’s going to metabolize them differently. That’s the best way. So find something affordable that has the most amount of protein compared to the least amount of fats and carbs.

Second part of that question is, “Can you add coconut milk or almond milk to those?” It’s going to add calories, but yes. It’s kind of like this, do you want to enjoy yourself a little bit while you’re on this diet? Yes, I think you do, because that’s going to motivate you to continue and sustain throughout the 30 to 40 days. So yes, add in a little calories with coconut milk, almond milk, I think is just fine. Obviously, with less calories, you might lose weight a little bit quicker but that’s not really my advice. My advice is do something that’s going to sustain you, something that you’re going to continue to do after the diet. So again, while you’re on this low calorie phase, you are creating habits that are going to sustain you and maintain your weight loss. Okay? Good. Next question.

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