Can I Cheat and Have Success on the HCG Diet?

Can You Get Away with Cheating on the HCG 2.0 Diet Protocol?

It’s certainly not ideal, but yes, you can get away with a bit of cheating on the HCG 2.o protocol. One of the biggest problems I have with the traditional HCG diet and most of the practitioners and retailers of the traditional HCG diet is the tone of their protocol. It’s too strict and as a result, many would-be dieters are too scared to even attempt it. This is unfortunate and one of the reasons I created HCG 2.0. Not only is HCG 2.0 a smarter, more ketosis based diet, but it’s specifically designed to incorporate the average working adult. HCG 2.o adds smart calories to the diet allowing you to maintain a consistent and optimal state of ketosis… even if you cheat. See the passage below take from HCG 2.o as it addresses the rigid tone of  the traditional HCG diet then click Tips for cheating to learn how you can best get away with it. And one more thing – there is no failure in trying to improve your quality of life, only variations of success.

Below are what I found to be the inadequacies of the traditional HCG diet and the areas I believe were in most need of revision. I’m not arguing the effectiveness of the traditional HCG diet, as millions have had tremendous success with it. In fact, I’ve had many patients tell me that the HCG diet changed their lives. However, I’ve also had many patients walk out of my office and many drop out of the program because they’ve found the diet to be too unrealistic. A greater number have said they’d come back at a later date  when they had more time and could make it fit into their busy work, family and social schedules. Most don’t return. These are the people I’m hoping to help with HCG 2.0. Let’s face it, dieting isn’t fun, but it should be embraced, not feared.  As I said earlier, a weight loss plan need not be the undertaking of a lifetime to yield life-changing results. The revisions I’ve made to Dr. Simeons original diet, with the assistance and feedback from my patients, will provide the same weight loss results and can be comfortably completed by all.

If you’re an HCG purist, and there are many of you out there, then take this with a grain of salt, or whatever allowable spice you’d prefer. Better yet, read with a side of open-mindedness, savoring the ingredients herein to find a tasty combination of the old and the new. Bon appetite! There’s a smarter way to lose.

  1. Tone – I put this first on the list because I find it to be the biggest roadblock for most would be dieters.  What I’m addressing here is the all-or-nothing attitude that is portrayed in Dr. Simeons’ manuscript and nearly all of the current literature about the traditional HCG diet. This frightens many patients away and is the typical reason most drop out before completion. Too often, patients on the traditional HCG diet will have consecutive “bad days,” and give up. That’s foolish and a by-product of this all-or-nothing mentality. My patients will use the word “cheat,” but it’s not a word I use. There is no “cheating” on any diet, only variations of intensity and success. Any attempt to improve your quality of life should not be feared, nor expected to end in defeat. Don’t give up! You can still have success even if you have a couple of “bad days.”

Tips for “cheating” on your HCG 2.0 diet protocol

You can still have success even if you cheat.

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