Café Noir Black Coffee from Organo Gold

If you’ve done the HCG diet before, breakfast has never been a meal to look forward to. Well now it is; Introducing Café Noir Black Coffee from Organo Gold. No, it’s not exactly a meal, but it does work to suppress your appetite while on the HCG diet. The Café Noir not only tastes great, but contains organic Ganoderma, also known as Reishi and called “the medicine of kings” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been associated with a variety of health benefits including increasing immune function, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and boosting metabolism and weight loss. 

The black coffee and green tea by Organo Gold, both individually packaged for convenience, contain organic Ganoderma and are priced at less than a dollar per cup. Don’t wait in long lines for over-priced coffee when you can grab a sache of organo gold and boost your metabolism and weight loss at the same time. To experience for yourself, click here. Enter product number 505 for green tea and 501 for gourmet black coffee. Great for low-cal and maintenance of your HCG diet.

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