Book Your HCG Diet Consultation Using Schedulicity

If you’re not in the St. Louis area, but would still like to visit with Dr. Zach and ask questions regarding your HCG 2.0 diet protocol, you can now do so using

Schedulicity is an online booking service that allows you to schedule your consultation with Dr. Zach via Skype, Facetime or just a plane old phone call. Each HCG diet consultation lasts 25 minutes, so have your questions prepared ahead of time. The cost for the HCG diet consultation is $40, but you’ll receive an HCG diet coupon code to be used in the InsideOut Wellness online store. This gives everyone an opportunity to discuss HCG 2.o with Dr. Zach. To schedule your HCG consultation click the Schecule Now button below. After you book your appointment time, you’ll be directed to the confirm appointment screen seen here…

Here you will indicate how you would prefer to be contacted for your consultation. The preferred method for Dr. Zach is Skype, but you can also indicate Facetime or phone consultation. If using Skype, please add Dr. Zach using his Skype Handle seen below in addition to leaving your Skype Handle in the message.

Skype: zach.laboube

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