Are Headaches Common on the HCG Diet and What to Do About Them

To be honest, this is not one of the more common HCG diet questions that I get, but it is asked periodically. I think the reason I don’t hear it as much as those practicing the traditional HCG diet is because of the increased protein on HCG 2.0. Be that is may, some do struggle with headaches while on HCG 2.0. See the question regarding what to do about headaches while on the HCG diet from Linda below.

As you can see, Linda is asking if it’s ok to uses Advil or Aspirin when experiencing headaches on the HCG diet protocol. Before we answer that specific question, let’s talk about why headaches might be common while on the HCG diet. When a patient approaches me about headaches, my first response is to find out how far along they are on the diet protocol and what their diet was like prior to starting HCG. Most commonly they’re in their first week to maybe 10 days of their HCG protocol. Its also common that they were on a high sugar diet prior to beginning their HCG protocol. As a result, the headache is more of a metabolic detox from the sugar rather than the HCG itself. A metabolic headache is similar to what one might experience if hung over from alcohol or maybe as a result of over-heating or dehydration. It’s likely that your body is trying to reestablish a proper Ph balance due fluctuation in electrolytes. In these situations, it’s fine to uses some advil or aspirin for relief. Aleve is also good. All of these medications fall into the category of NSAIDs or Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. All of these NSAIDs are pretty much the same in their mechanism for relieving pain and headaches so don’t worry too much about which to purchase.

Again, these are the most common headaches I see in relation to my HCG 2.0 protocol. If you’re on the traditional HCG diet, you may just be protein deprived. The traditional HCG diet limits protein while allowing up to 60 to 80 grams of carbohydrates, which is contradictory all current research into low-carb, ketosis-based dieting. This is what inspired me to write HCG 2.0. The body can do without carbs for a considerable amount of time. That’s what our fat reserves are designed to do. It’s they’re function. However, we are not designed to be without a protein source and when this happens, the body can react negatively, even in acute situations. If you’re on the traditional diet and you think you’re experience these types of headaches, you can still you the NSAIDs for immediate relief, but eat some protein. Beef jerky is a great source of lean protein that will have little effect on weight gain.

I’ll be answering Linda’s other question in tomorrow’s blog. Stay tuned.

Dr. Zach

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